‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ Fans Sounding Off on Kelly Ripa Over Ryan Seacrest Treatment on Show

by Chris Piner

When it comes to hosting a morning talk show, there appears to be no duo better than Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. Throughout their time together, both Ripa and Seacrest have proven their personalities work well together as they laugh and discuss a wide range of issues. But recently, fans of Live with Kelly and Ryan noticed that when it comes to the dynamic duo, Ripa seems to be short with Seacrest, often cutting him off during a story or statement. Upset about the supposed mistreatment, fans are calling for the American Idol host to address the issue before it gets worse. 

Posting their growing disdain for Kelly Ripa’s treatment of Ryan Seacrest, one fan wrote, “You need to tell Kelly to stop interrupting you. That’s very rude. She does it throughout the show … every show. Very annoying. She is a boring host.”

Another fan chimed in, suggesting Ryan Seacrest is starting to notice. “I agree one million percent. It would sure be nice to hear Ryan finish a story. I started noticing that too; she never used to do that, seems it started after they got back in the studio, you can tell Ryan just kind of holds his breath.”

Following the trend, a third person added, “I hate when she talks about herself. She goes on.. and on…she brags too much. Not everyone wants to [hear her] story. We’d like to hear from Ryan, too.” 

Fans Defend Kelly Ripa

Not everybody believed Kelly Ripa to be mistreating Ryan Seacrest as one user declared, “I’m sorry, but I don’t agree that Kelly is a bad host. I watched her & Mark on the soaps. I always liked her. She might interrupt, but she & Ryan are friends. They make a good show.”

Looking past the comment section, back in March, Ryan Seacrest discussed Kelly Ripa and had nothing but love for his co-host. “Kelly and I have been friends for two decades. So we know each other way before — longer before we were on the air together. When we look at each other and talk to each other, there’s obviously a tremendous amount of trust and respect, but also we can read each other’s mind. And I didn’t know we could do that so well, but that’s true every day.”

Insider Claims Ryan Seacrest Powerful Television Figure

Just two weeks ago, a source gave some insight into the drama, stating that Ryan Seacrest wasn’t a huge fan of Kelly Ripa.  “Ryan has been deferential to Kelly for years. But he’s a powerful television figure himself, having launched the Kardashians and other shows. He’s ready to walk if she doesn’t show him more respect!” 

With Kelly Ripa stepping away from the show recently, the drama that was once speculation might be genuine as guest hosts fill in.