‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ Host Ryan Seacrest Left Stunned by Guest Host During Kelly Ripa’s Absence

by Shelby Scott

Ryan Seacrest has spent a lot of time alongside various stars and celebrities, not to mention decades on TV. As such, there shouldn’t be much that surprises him. However, the longtime TV personality and host of Live With Kelly and Ryan was left absolutely stunned on Friday thanks to his guest host, Lisa Rinna.

During the Friday morning broadcast, Ryan Seacrest and Lisa Rinna sat down with British actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw. According to PopCulture, the hilarious shock moment came when Seacrest, Rinna, and Mbatha-Raw were discussing the latter’s travels while filming in Italy and Ireland.

The British actress gushed about Italy during her appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan. She said, “To be in Venice, one of my favorite cities as well. So much art and culture. There are so many things now open. And it’s been a really great cultural experience. To take in the food and culture, and the history.”

While Gugu Mbatha-Raw reminisced about her Mediterranean experience, Lisa Rinna just couldn’t help herself. “You’re so gorgeous!” Ryan Seacrest’s guest cohost blurted out. “I’m just gagged by it! I mean, seriously! I have to say that out loud!”

Dumbfounded, Ryan Seacrest joked, “Is that in the cue cards? It’s not in my notes.”

However, the quip didn’t end Rinna’s praise. “I’m rarely speechless,” she explained, “And you are just stunning. Your energy is so beautiful!”

Ryan Seacrest Jokes Kelly Ripa ‘Won the Lottery’ Amid Two-Week Absence

While guest hosts like Lisa Rinna have definitely livened things up a little more than usual on the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan, fans became concerned when they learned Ryan Seacrest’s usual cohost, Kelly, would be taking a few weeks off. Last week, though, the veteran American Idol host assured fans that Kelly Ripa is doing just fine and that we have nothing to worry about.

Oddly enough, Seacrest’s reassurance came amid a discussion about embroidered pillowcases of all things. Sitting beside Ryan Seacrest, the host’s costar for the day, Kate Lowes, announced, “Kelly, we miss you,” adding that she and Seacrest had gotten her a pillow resembling her husband, Mark Consuelos.

Ryan Seacrest further joked, “I heard she won the lottery. She’s fine.”

After Ryan Seacrest made his on-air quip, Kelly Ripa herself took to social media to assure fans of the talk show that she is doing perfectly fine. She and her husband just happen to be enjoying a last-minute end-of-summer vacation, and with fall rapidly approaching, who could blame them?

The star’s previous post shows her and her partner lying beneath the sun, holding hands. She captioned the post, “Casually waiting for the arrival of @theyoungestyung first single PARANOIA SILVER LINING.”

All in all, Ryan Seacrest’s cohost is doing more than fine and we should expect her back on Live With Kelly and Ryan very soon.