‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’: Kelly Ripa Couldn’t Help But Roll Her Eyes at This Ryan Seacrest Comment

by Chris Piner

While the title of the show is Live with Kelly and Ryan, the original formula of the morning talk show dates back to 1983, having numerous hosts. Before both Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest entertained families during the morning, those duties belonged to icons like Regis Philbin, Cyndy Garvey, and Kathie Lee Gifford. Winning Emmy Awards for both Outstanding Talk Show Hosts and Outstanding Talk Show, eventually, Ripa landed a permanent position after co-hosting for almost a year. In May of 2017, producers announced the addition of the famed host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest. And while the pair meshed well together, over the last few weeks, it seems tensions between the two have somewhat escalated. 

Trouble In Morning Television

During a recent segment on the morning show, Ryan Seacrest discussed visiting a beach in Long Island. Giving details of the area, the co-host admitted to one side having a nice beach while the other is the bay. Not shocking for those in the area, Seacrest also showed a picture of what appeared to be a deer walking on the water. The host said, “I saw deer, walking on water, in the bay this summer.” Ripa interjected, explaining the animal to be a “Christ deer.” With the audience laughing, it appeared the two fell right back into their usual antics. But that wasn’t the case when Seacrest discussed his interactions with a supposed stingray. 

Exploring the area with his dog, Georgia, Ryan Seacrest held up another picture, stating, “The second I get from the road to the first foot of the bay this is there.” Again, Kelly Ripa intervened, admitting to her co-host that the animal in the picture was not a stingray, but a horseshoe crab. Seacrest fought against the claims, but Ripa was right. She gave a quick lesson on how to tell the difference due to the crab not having a stinger. Ripa even rolled her eyes.

Ryan Seacrest Shares His Love For Radio

The jokes made toward Ryan Seacrest continued with guest-host Ali Wentworth. Known for loving the outdoors, Seacrest recalled the story once again. “I was marine life-shamed here by [exective producer Michael] Gelman because I thought I saw a stingray in the bay out there, turns out it was a large crab.”

When Ali asked why he thought a stingray traveled into the bay, Ryan Seacrest gave a serious answer. “Because the ocean and the bay are connected by water, there’s no barrier.” 

Ali laughed, firing back, “I guess there’s no IQ test to be a host of morning television.”

While taking the jokes in stride, recently Ryan Seacrest shared a picture on his Instagram, expressing his love for hosting radio. “Happy National Radio Day! Grateful for every day that I get to live out my childhood dreams of being on the air. Love sharing a laugh with our listeners, hearing their stories, getting to be a part of their daily lives, and working with the incredible KIIS & AT40 teams who make it all possible.”