‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’: Kelly Ripa Reveals Moment She’s Waited ’25 Years’ for With Husband Mark Consuelos

by Megan Molseed

Host of the popular daytime TV talk show, Live With Kelly and Ryan Kelly Ripa is sharing a big moment with her fans. It’s a moment Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos have been waiting for over the last 25 years. What is this big event? It’s the couple’s first kid-free vacation in their 25-year marriage!

Kelly Ripa And Her Husband Mark Consuelos Are Killing It As Empty Nesters!

It’s one of the benefits of being empty-nesters and Ripa and Consuelos are taking full advantage! Now that all three of the couple’s children, twenty-five-year-old Michael; twenty-one-year-old Lola; and nineteen-year-old Joaquin are all out of the house, the couple is ready to embrace life as empty-nesters. Their latest adventure? A kid-free vacation!

During a recent episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, Ripa shared her adventurous plans with fans and Live co-host, Ryan Seacrest.

“This is our first vacation in 25 years without children,” Ripa says during a recent episode of the hit daytime TV talk show.

“It’s usually us, with the kids,” she continues, adding that at first, she and her husband weren’t quite sure what to do with this newfound freedom. At first, the couple was wondering what they were going to do without the kids?” And, the talk show star quips, the kids were wondering the same thing.

“The kids were like, ‘What are you going to do without us!? We’re your whole lives!'” Kelly Ripa quips during Tuesday’s Live episode. “And I was like, ‘Wrong again, kids.'”

The Couple Head Out For A ‘Luxury’ Vacation Including Rock Climbing And Getting Lost In The Mountains

While deciding what to do on their kid-free getaway, Kelly Ripa and her husband decided on a road trip that took the couple through Utah for some rock climbing on the way to the Amangiri resort. It was a luxury getaway, Ripa says. The kind of trip that you can only take “without kids.”

The couple also drove through Colorado, and, the host notes, they only got lost for “about 45 minutes.” However, these 45 minutes brought up a long-standing debate in the Ripa-Consuelos household, jokes Ripa.

“It is the discussion that we always have: How long will it take for Mark to eat me?” Ripa quips, adding that she “could see [her husband] was starting to get hungry.”

“I said, ‘We agreed that I have to die of natural causes before you can dip into me as a food source,'” Ripa jokes.

The Couple Pulled Out All The Stops During The Kid-Free Getaway

During their trip away from home, Ripa and Consuelos kicked back whenever they could. They even took the time to get a massage, Ripa tells her Live costar. However, Ripa adds that she and Mark were very aware of families vacationing among them during their kid-free getaway.

“People were like, ‘Where are your kids?'” Ripa hilariously relates.

“And I was like, ‘They’re adults now. They have jobs. They couldn’t get off work.,'” she says.

“And they were like, ‘Wait, what? You have kids who are adults?'” the talk show host remembers. noting that her response was a simple, “‘Yes, we have kids who are adults. But more importantly, they’re not on this trip.'”