‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ Star Kelly Ripa Makes Savage Comment About Husband On-Air

by Megan Molseed

Live With Kelly and Ryan host Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos have a love story for the ages, no doubt. One that fans of the former soap stars and TV hosts love to follow. Especially as, decades into their love story, the longtime couple still appears to be as in love as they were when they first met.

However, like any couple, both Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have their limits with their better half. And Ripa has recently revealed live on air what it is that “irritates” her most about her longtime hubby.

Live With Kelly and Ryan Host Kelly Ripa Shares What “Irritates” Her Most About Husband Mark Consuelos

Recently, Kelly Ripa shared a selfie of herself also featuring a shirtless Consuelos. This pic shocked some fans of the talk show host…and it also led to a hilarious candid confession from the TV star. Fifty-one-year-old Ripa soon opened up about what irritates her most about her longtime spouse, noting that, even after 30 years of marriage Consuelos wakes up looking “great.”

The mother of three notes that her husband’s penchant for waking up looking like this also means that he has little need for “grooming” before heading out the door. However, the morning show host says, she needs a lot of time before stepping out for the day.

Ripa went on to lament that not only is her husband of 30 years ready to go as soon as he wakes up, but he also looks young enough to be her “kid.”

Ryan Seacrest Takes A Break While Live Mark Consuelos Fills In As Kelly Ripa’s Cohost

Recently, Kelly Ripa returned to her Live With Kelly and Ryan hosting seat after a two-week break from the morning show. However, with Ripa’s return began Ryan’s time off from the show setting the stage for Mark Consuelos to step in as Live’s guest cohost.

And, Kelly Ripa took a moment when introducing her guest cohost to brag about her TV star husband gushing “listen, for a girl with average everything, look at me, look at me,” while pointing towards her hubby.

“So take that, school bullies,” the Live host quips while shooting Consuelos a loving look.

Of course, Mark Consuelos was loving the compliments from his famous wife, quipping back that she really did find quite a catch in the spouse category.

“Look how you did,” Consuelos jokes in the Live With Kelly and Ryan intro. “Look what you did for yourself!”