‘Longmire’s A. Martinez Praises Walt Actor Robert Taylor: ‘Born to Play That Character’

by Emily Morgan

Although “Longmire” ended its 63-episode run in 2017, the Netflix show is still bringing in new viewers five years later.

In a recent interview, “Longmire” actor A. Martinez, who played Cheyenne businessman Jacob Nighthorse, praised the show’s legacy and one of his costars from the series.

During the virtual interview, Martinez praised the work of fellow actor Robert Taylor, who starred in the series as Walt Longmire.

“He was down there in Australia and there’s all these big name American actors who wanted that part and were sort of likely favored to get it,” he explained.

“But every time they kept culling the field, they couldn’t get rid of Robert Taylor, because he just was so great. He made choice after choice after choice that set him apart.”

Martinez added, “And then you see him do the role and you go, ‘Yeah, this guy was born to play that character.’ And it’s always a cause of celebration. I mean, as an actor, you just feel this so intensely. ‘Please let me find a part that I actually am better suited to do than anybody else.’ It’s so hard to find that.”

Paraphrasing the actor, Martinez then said, “And he says that, he says this character ‘really makes my career makes sense.'”

A. Martinez had no idea his ‘Longmire’ costar hailed from down under

Funny enough, Martinez also hilariously added that he had no idea Taylor was from Australia after working with him for nearly two seasons on the show. “I didn’t realize he had an Aussie accent until the middle of the second year,” he admitted about the down under actor.

He continued: “He would drive onto the lot, and he would talk like Walt Longmire, there’s this Wyoming accent, and I go on YouTube and it says, ‘Robert Taylor helps establish the public gardens in Melbourne’ and say, ‘Oh, look at Rob helping in his community.’ And I go, ‘He’s an Aussie. It’s a shrimp on the barbie’ and all this. I’m just thinking, ‘How did he do that?’ It’s a miracle of just brilliant acting, brilliant acting.”

When asked why the show continues to garner new fans in the years since its ending, Martinez also gave his thoughts.

“I think probably at the get, it’s based on a series of novels, so it has a depth of backstory behind it,” he shared. “The showrunners were able to draw on this wealth of information. And I just think that the character of Walt to have a hero in this day and age that is not… he’s not cynical.”

He added, “He’s not an antihero. There’s no question about what side of the fence he’s really on, he’s a flat-out hero and, of course, his best friend is this Indian dude. And that mirrors the experience of the writer, Craig Johnson, who’s whose real-life friend Marcus Red Thunder was the template for Henry Standing Bear. So, it comes from a real thing.”