‘Longmire’ Actor A. Martinez Explains the Staying Power of the Western Series

by Leanne Stahulak

Although “Longmire” officially ended five years ago, the Western series remains hugely popular with fans of the genre and newcomers alike.

The show originally aired on the A&E television network before Netflix swooped in and picked up the series. Now, you can watch all six seasons on the streaming service.

“Longmire” star A. Martinez starred in 30 out of the 67 episodes of the series as Cheyenne businessman Jacob Nighthorse. He recently sat down with PopCulture to discuss the legacy of the show and its “depth of backstory.” He attributes that backstory to the show’s wild success.

“I think probably at the get, it’s based on a series of novels, so it has a depth of backstory behind it. The showrunners were able to draw on this wealth of information,” Martinez explained. “And I just think that the character of Walt… to have a hero in this day and age that is not… he’s not cynical. He’s not an antihero. There’s no question about what side of the fence he’s really on, he’s a flat-out hero.

Martinez added, “And, of course, his best friend is this Indian dude. And that mirrors the experience of the writer, Craig Johnson, who’s whose real-life friend Marcus Red Thunder was the template for Henry Standing Bear. So, it comes from a real thing.”

Although Martinez has starred in various shows and films since “Longmire” ended, he still loves to go back and rewatch episodes like a true fan.

“And I know it becomes an addiction. I’ll confess, there are times where if I’m sort of a little bit sideways on any level, I can think of like seven or eight or nine episodes of ‘Longmire’ that I can just like fire up,” he admitted. “You know, there it is on Netflix. And I’ll look at it, and by the end of the hour, I feel better.”

‘Longmire’ Star A. Martinez Didn’t Know About Robert Taylor Being Australian

Although A. Martinez and Robert Taylor worked together on “Longmire” for several years, the two still had a lot to learn about one another. For example, it took two seasons for Martinez to realize that Taylor was originally from Australia, not the American West.

“I didn’t realize he had an Aussie accent until the middle of the second year,” Martinez confessed. “He would drive onto the lot, and he would talk like Walt Longmire, there’s this Wyoming accent. And I go on YouTube and it says, ‘Robert Taylor helps establish the public gardens in Melbourne.’

“And I say, ‘Oh, look at Rob helping in his community.’ And I go, ‘He’s an Aussie. It’s a shrimp on the barbie’ and all this,” Martinez concluded. “I’m just thinking, ‘How did he do that?’ It’s a miracle of just brilliant acting, brilliant acting.”