LOOK: ‘Full House’ Cast Reunites for Jodie Sweetin’s Wedding

by Alex Falls

The cast of Full House got the chance to reunite in celebration during the wedding of Jodie Sweetin. The actress best known for playing Stephanie Tanner in the original series and its Netflix spinoff Fuller House tied the knot with her fiance Mescal Wasilewski.

Sweetin posted a special look at the proceedings on her Instagram. And she’s all smiles during the beautiful ceremony.

Not only did she get married to the man of her dreams, but she also got to share the moment with some familiar faces. Her Full House co-stars were of course on the guestlist. Candice Bure posted a look at the happy reunion between TV family members.

The Late Bob Saget Attends in Spirit

Sweetin also found a way to include her TV father, the late Bob Saget. The actor passed away earlier this year, but for years he played her character’s father on Full House, Danny Tanner. While speaking to People about the wedding, Sweetin said Bob never liked to miss an opportunity to get up on the microphone.

But even without him, she and John Stamos shared a moment that reminded them that Bob was there in spirit.

“John was getting ready to leave the house, I guess, and [his wife] Caitlin looked at him and was like, ‘You can’t wear that shirt. That shirt’s not working. It doesn’t look good.’ He’s like, ‘Ugh, fine,'” Sweetin said. “So he goes up to his closet, grabs a black button-up shirt, gets in the car. He’s like ‘Why is this shirt so big? Why is this shirt so big?’ He realized it was one of the shirts [Bob’s wife] Kelly had given him out of Bob’s closet, and it was this black button-up that Bob would always wear.”

Sweetin continued, “It was Bob’s shirt, so Bob was there in this weird little way. I hugged John and then l like, kissed the shirt. I was like, ‘Bob’s here too.'”

Sweetin said she wanted the ceremony to feel organic and natural like a “backyard party” or a “wonderful family affair.” Through it all, she remembers the lessons she learned from Bob.

“He never lost the ability to laugh at himself, to laugh at his situation, to make fun of something that would otherwise feel like it was going to break you,” Sweetin said. “That was Bob. I can think of all of these big life moments when he made a speech. I think weddings and moments like this, you always think about the people that you really wish could be there, and Bob has been there through so many moments of my life.”