LOOK: ‘Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts Shouts Out Dick Vitale With Incredible Throwback ESPN Photo

by Suzanne Halliburton

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts sent a special message to fellow cancer survivor Dick Vitale Thursday morning. Like so many of Vitale’s fans, she wanted to acknowledge his improving health.

Roberts first sent out a tweet, with a vintage photo of when both worked for ESPN. She wrote: “Thrilled to hear that my dear friend Dick Vitale has announced he’s cancer-free…”That’s awesome, baby!” Coming up on Good Morning America…a special message from DickieV. (Yes, we often wore shorts under the anchor desk at ESPN.)

Then on a Good Morning America segment, Roberts reported the terrific news that Vitale is cancer free. Doctors diagnosed the beloved basketball analyst with lymphoma last year. and he missed much of the college season. He announced the all-clear this week. Roberts said she received a text message from Vitale. And Dickie V told her “I feel like I won the national championship and cut the nets down.”

As Roberts reported the news, she said she often gets teary-eyed when talking with Vitale. After all, both of them are cancer survivors. Roberts announced in 2007 that she had breast cancer. Then five years later, doctors told her she had myelodysplastic syndrome, a bone marrow disease which can develop into cancer.

But the Good Morning America host also is going through a cancer battle with her partner, Amber Laign, who was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year. Roberts announced the news on GMA earlier this year. Laign still is undergoing treatment.

Roberts said that Vitale often asks about her partner. That’s why she ended her segment by saying “God Bless (Vitale). All I can say is ‘You’re awesome, baby!’ I got chills. I got a little teary-eyed because we’re always texting back and forth and he asks about Amber.” And Roberts was visibly moved.

How did Vitale react? He tweeted the segment from Good Morning America. And he mentioned Amber. Vitale wrote: Love Robin Roberts. She is so talented but she is much more than that . She is one beautiful person.” Then Vitale used a string of praying emojis and added that he hopes Roberts’ “significant one AMBER hears in the future what I heard that she is “CANCER FREE”

The Good Morning America fans reacted with love. One wrote to Roberts: “To God be THE Glory. Robin Roberts, you tearing up reading his texts just now had me tearing up. Messing up my already unwashed face.”

Good Morning America meteorologist Sam Champion also kidded Roberts about her ESPN outfit from way back in the day. He replied: “Part of the “broadcasters-secretly-in-shorts” collection. I approve.”

And we all approve of the news that Vitale shared with sports fans everywhere.