‘SEAL Team’ Gives First Look at Mandy’s Season 6 Return

by Taylor Cunningham

Only three weeks remain before SEAL Team returns to the screen. And if we weren’t excited enough, Paramount just dropped a promo pic that proves one major character is back in the story.

As Cartermatt posted, Jessica Pare is back as Mandy Ellis. You can see a picture of Many with Jason here. In it, Hayes is battered and bruised with his arm in a sling, and Mandy is standing behind him, shocked.

The photo comes from the Season 6 opener, which leads us to believe that Jason’s injuries came from last year’s cliffhanger. In the finale, Jason actually set out to find Mandy, which he did. But in the end, the reunion was cut short after he and Spenser were deployed to Mali. While the two were driving to the war zone in two tanks, one hit a landmine. And the other was attacked by armed tangoes. Shrapnel hit Spenser in the eye, and a bullet shot Hayes in the shoulder.

Will Jason Hayes and Mandy Ellis Finally Make it Work on ‘SEAL Team’?

At this point, we don’t know how Mandy will play into the story. She and Jason have been heading towards a full-fledged relationship for years now, but Jason has consistently pushed her away. During Season 4, he finally pushed too hard, and she left.

But before Jason and Clay headed overseas, Jason made it a point to tell Mandy that he can’t live without her. During the finale, he showed up at her door, told her he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back, and admitted that he wanted more than just a few more “nights in Rehoboth” with her. And we know what that means, he wants to settle down and have a proper romance.

SEAL Team hasn’t given away any spoilers about what’s to come for the two. But Hayes’ David Boreanaz enjoys working with the actress and knows their onscreen chemistry is a fan-favorite aspect of the show. So if he has any choice in the matter, we may finally see Hayes and Mandy as a proper couple.

“Jess is great,” he told TVLine in January. “She is such a unique soul and a great force, what she brings to the character. I always love when the two of us do our ‘Jandy’ scenes. We have a lot of fun and the utmost respect for each other, and we attack it from our own perspective.”

SEAL Team Season 6 premieres on Sunday, September 18, exclusively on Paramount +.