LOOK: ‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Drops Season 1 Throwback as Bravo Team Gets ‘Ready to Roll’

by Joe Rutland

SEAL Team star David Boreanaz is throwing it back with a Season 1 photo in advance of another season on Paramount Plus. Boreanaz, who plays Jason Hayes, offers up this photo on his Instagram account. It shows the actor playing Hayes in a scene. As you can tell, he’s giving fans of the show a heads-up that Season 6 will definitely be better. That should get them excited and ready to see new episodes when they debut. Let’s take a look at what Boreanaz is sharing with fans on Thursday.

Speaking of those fans, they were active in the comments section here. One fan writes, “Can’t wait!! In the meantime I just finished rewatching Season 1 and am on to Season 2.” Another fan says, “I can’t wait brother.. super obsessed with seal team”. Fans love this show which originally got started on CBS. Yet it has found a new home and they can watch Boreanaz, Max Thieriot as Clay Spenser, and others in the cast. Oh yeah, the show’s official IG account posted hands-raised emojis in response to this photo. It sounds like the show itself is about as fired up as Boreanaz is to get things going.

David Boreanaz of ‘SEAL Team’ Will Direct Season 6 Episode

While we all can enjoy this snap offered by the actor, he also managed to share a little news this summer. It appears that Boreanaz will direct an upcoming episode for Season 6. Yes, Jason Hayes goes behind the SEAL Team camera if you will. No, it will be Boreanaz telling his fellow cast members how to approach different scenes. This should be pretty good to see how everything comes together with him at the helm. He happened to break the news on his Instagram stories. Boreanaz shared a picture of a Season 6 episode script titled Phantom Pattern. It listed him as the episode’s director.

But he’s no rookie when it comes to directing TV episodes. He’s done it before and that experience can parlay into a wonderful time on the set. It also might even reflect how the episode is presented to the show’s viewers. So, what does directing mean to Boreanaz? He happened to talk about it in an interview with Paramount Plus.

“Directing, now, is a reflection of the character that I’ve been playing here with Jason Hayes for five seasons,” he said. “Now, it’s a reflection of his leadership skills, his strength in being able to lead his teams.” Boreanaz also directed episodes of Bones in the past, too. “I pride myself on the hard work,” he told Paramount Plus. “And I pride myself on the type of worker that I am. And that reflects itself in what we see.”