‘Lost’ Star Matthew Fox Breaks Silence After Nearly 10 Years on Why He Retired From Hollywood Career

by Megan Molseed

Matthew Fox plays one of the characters central to one of primetime TV’s greatest mysteries of all time. This, of course, is because Fox stars as one of the many airplane passengers marooned on a mysterious island in the wildly popular 2004 – 2010 CBS series, Lost.

However, shortly after the popular ABC drama came to an end in 2010, fans of the former Party of Five star found themselves wondering about another mystery involving the popular actor: just where has Matthew Fox been over the last decade?

Matthew Fox Returns To The Limelight, Revealing Why He Decided To Retire From Acting Nearly A Decade Ago

Recently, the former Lost star broke his silence since he stepped away from Hollywood shortly after the release of his most recent film, 2014’s Bone Tomahawk. And, why he has now decided to return to showbiz starring in the upcoming streaming series, Peacock’s Last Light.

“I kind of had a bucket list in my mind of things that I wanted to accomplish in the business,” Matthew Fox says per Variety.

“And after I did [the movie] Bone Tomahawk in 2014, that had kind of completed the bucket list,” Fox explains of his decision to step away from showbiz. However, the star notes that he was fairly easily pulled back into the business recently by Peacock’s upcoming apocalyptic drama series Last Light.

“I wanted to do a Western,” the Lost star explains.

“It’s a very odd Western,” Fox relates. “But it’s a Western.”

This, the longtime actor notes, gave him yet another check off his proverbial bucket list. “That sort of completed the bucket list,” Fox says of the upcoming series.

Former Party Of Five Star Says He Left The Business To Focus On Family

During his discussion about what led him to make the big step away from Hollywood, Matthew Fox also notes that spending more time with his family was a major factor in this decision. According to Fox, he felt like it was time for him to “really reengage.”

“I had been focused on work for some time,” the former Party of Five star explains, noting his wife, Margherita had been taking on the family duties for some time.

“I felt like it was time to be home,” Fox explains.

“And I really felt like I was retiring from the business,” he says. Fox adds that he moved his focus to “working on other creative elements,” after his retirement. These elements, Fox says, include working on his music and writing. And, the actor adds, he is now excited to dabble in executive producing along with his return to acting.

“I kind of got to a point where I thought that maybe the bucket list included executive producing,” Fox, who along with starring in the series, serves as EP on the upcoming Peacock series Last Light.

“I’d never done that before,” Fox explains.

“The opportunity to be involved in Last Light came along, and so I wanted to give it a shot,” he explains. “And it felt like the right time.”