‘Lost’ Star Matthew Fox Opens Up About His Return to TV

by Craig Garrett

It’s been 12 years since Lost star Matthew Fox last appeared on tv, but an upcoming show is bringing him back to the small screen. Not only has it been some time since Fox was on tv, but he’s been semi-retired since 2015. The actor felt like he had accomplished everything he wanted in his craft. He quietly settled in with family in Oregon. However, even if a great script came along, Fox was confident he didn’t want to do long-term television again.

The Bone Tomohawk star cited some of his most famous roles as to why he was hesitant to do tv again. “Nobody’s more grateful than me for having the 6 years on Party of Five and 6 years on Lost. I’m so grateful for those experiences,” Fox said in an interview shared on AP Entertainment’s Twitter. However, the actor found the shooting schedule of a tv show grueling.

“I didn’t want another experience that long, you know,” Matthew Fox explained. “There was a few year periods there four to five years where I really thought I was done with acting.” Fox felt that he had checked all of the important boxes. With two successful tv shows, playing a movie villain, and starring in a western; he felt there was no stone unturned. “I thought I had sort of accomplished the mental bucket list of things that I wanted to do in this business.”

“I shifted my focus into other more sort of personal creative endeavors,” Fox said. However, the creative urge started to grow. “I started thinking… I’ve got more storytelling to do in the end. You know, as an actor and potentially as a producer. And so, that’s kind of what brought me into the conversation.”

How Last Light brought Matthew Fox back to the small screen

Matthew Fox’s return to television comes in the form of Last Light, a limited series debuting September 8th on Peacock. His fans will easily see him back in his standard good-guy role who becomes caught up with bad circumstances–but with global implications for not only the world but also his family played by Joanne Froggatt, Alyth Ross, and Taylor Fay.

Fox plays petro-chemist Andy Yeats, who discovers an urgent issue with the world’s oil supply while on a trip to the Middle East. With his family members separated and in danger, Yeats must race against time to solve the mystery behind the international crisis. The series is based on the best-selling novel by Alex Scarrow. “I was very much attracted to the backdrop in which the story is set, the oil crisis, with this beautiful family unit separated by the crisis and trying to get back together and be reunited,” Fox recently told The Hollywood Reporter.

It was also a chance for Matthew Fox to work with director Dennie Gordon. The pair first collaborated back in the 90s, during Fox’s Party of Five days. Gordon has gone on to be one of the most high-profile women directors in Hollywood. She’s helmed Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Goliath, Warrior, Waco, Kingdom, and Burn Notice. She directed all 5 episodes of Last Light.