Magnolia Network’s Joanna Gaines Gives Sneak Peek of Upcoming Season at the Market

by Samantha Whidden

Ready for some new adventures, Magnolia Network’s Joanna Gaines gives a sneak peek of the upcoming season at the market.

 In her latest Instagram post, Joanna Gaines shares a video featuring some new items while Lauryn Hill’s rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You (I Love You Baby) played. “I wanted to show you a sneak peek of Fall at the market,” the TV personality declared in the post’s caption. “Our amazing visual team took things to the next level for this season. Can’t wait for you to see the shop fully set and complete!”

Fans of Joanna Gaines gushed in the comment section. “Incredible,” one fan stated. “Such imagination to continually come up with new ideas.” 

Another fan praised Gaines for allowing her artists to have fun while designing the store. “I love how you give your artists freedom to create so beautifully!” 

The latest visuals of her store come just a little over a week after Joanna Gaines shared some snapshots of the last few days of summer with her kids and husband, Chip Gaines, at the beach. In her Instagram stories, the former HGTV star shared a series of pictures and videos of her children – Drake, 18, Ella, 15, Duke, 14, Emmie Kay, 12, and Crew, 4 enjoying some time in the sunshine. 

Magnolia Network’s Joanna Gaines Admits That Confidence Hasn’t Been ‘One of Those Things’ That Came Natural for Her 

While speaking to Darling Magazine in 2018, Joanna Gaines spoke about confidence and how it didn’t really come naturally to her as it seems. 

“I don’t think confidence has ever really been one of those things that came naturally for me,” Gaines admitted. “If people thought I was confident, it was really just the way I masked my insecurity because I didn’t want people to really get to know the real me.”

Joanna Gaines also said kids made fun of her when she was younger. This still impacts her even to this day. “My mom is full Korean and my dad is Caucasian. Kids in kindergarten would make fun of me for being Asian, and when you’re that age you don’t know really how to process that; the way you take that is, ‘Who I am isn’t going enough.’ I let that build up throughout the years.”

The TV personality further explained that she learned how to channel her insecurities over the years as a way to help others. “I discovered that my purpose was to help people who are insecure because I didn’t like the way it made me feel, in that still,” she noted. Gaines went on to add, “That’s not who I was made to be.”