‘Magnum PI’: Here’s What Fans Should Expect Leading Up to the Season 5 Premiere

by Joe Rutland

If you are looking for Magnum PI to come back on TV soon, then it’ll probably be later on than other shows. The Season 5 of the show that stars Jay Hernandez and Perdita Weeks will be on NBC. Now, people who tune into this show want to know what might be seen in the coming weeks. There will be clues and tidbits offered in different ways. This is how a lot of shows keep their fans in the loop. Magnum PI is no different.

When the show starts filming episodes, they look for some type of visual evidence. It might be a photo or even a video clip. Something will be shared with people and pop up on social media. It happens with many other shows. For instance, when NCIS: Hawai’i started filming, there was a ceremony held. Magnum PI also is filmed in Hawaii so that might be a possibility.

Changes Are Always Possible For Drama Like ‘Magnum PI’

What about new cast members? There’s plenty of time for new supporting ones to come on board. Maybe someone in the cast leaves before the show starts to gear up. When the filming begins, then expect to see news pick up. Some people also want to know when production gets underway. Dates get set and are adhered to all the time. For Magnum PI, there will be a time and date set up. Maybe the show will premiere in January or February.

So, production will have to begin before that time. Here is a possibility, too. Jay Hernandez could share a snap from the first day of production and gives everyone a heads-up. Stars of shows are known to share first-day pictures with their fans. As an aside, when Blue Bloods started filming its new season, show stars Bridget Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg filmed a little hello to the fans. It’s a cool way to let people know what is happening. There’s no reason that Hernandez and maybe even Weeks could do it, too.

Meanwhile, Hernandez did thank the show’s fans for their “tremendous effort” in getting it a new home. Magnum PI had been on CBS. “Ok, I’m sure by now you have all heard the great news,” Hernandez said in a video he posted on Twitter. “Magnum P.I. got picked up for a fifth season. Thank you to the fans for the tremendous effort. I mean, you guys had petitions going, you got a billboard in Times Square. Because of all that noise you made, we now have a new home at NBC. See you in Season 5!” And yes, indeed, the show will come back and on a new network. Fans can now take a wait-and-see attitude about its production schedule.