‘Magnum P.I.’: How NBC’s Potential Schedule Change Impacts the Show’s Return

by Joe Rutland

Fans of Magnum P.I. can get ready to see the Jay Hernandez-starring series come back to NBC in 2023 but what about the future? That’s always something worth talking about when it comes to TV shows. Especially for ones that are on NBC because there’s some news that is out right now.

The network is thinking about, for the 2023-24 TV season, giving back that 10 p.m. Eastern hour to its affiliates. Right now, Fox is the only major network that does not have a full three hours of primetime programming. NBC, CBS, and ABC still have those three hours’ worth of programs lined up between sitcoms, dramas, and news programming.

Future of ‘Magnum P.I.’ Might Hang In The Balance

For the upcoming season, though, Magnum P.I. will have a timeslot for the show. Still, the future looks a little bit shaky. If NBC does give back that third primetime hour to the affiliates, then there will be some changes made. They cannot have a full slate of primetime programming if they do this. And they are not even talking about taking the 7 p.m. Eastern hour or half of that time back, either.

In earlier times for TV programs, networks would use that 7:30 p..m. timeslot for a sitcom or even hour-long show. Yet that’s not even in the cards. NBC is seriously considering only having a two-hour primetime schedule. It would put increased pressure on a number of different shows to get their collective act together. Magnum P.I. would be one of those shows caught in the crossfire of the situation.

Franchises Could Be In Jeopardy With Schedule Change

Right now, some of the show’s fans might want to make sure that Season 6 gets a full run. The network has made a two-season commitment to the show. Again, everything kind of lingers around with this possible schedule change. NBC must really want to shake up its programming a bit. They have a couple of franchises in One Chicago and Law & Order that take up all three primetime hours and bring in good ratings all the time. Of course, Magnum P.I. does not fall into that area itself. But the show does have a following after its run on CBS and getting picked back up again.

One possible way of making sure the show does stay around for a bit is viewership. If it can bring in solid ratings and high viewership numbers, then NBC would be hard-pressed to get rid of the show. TV networks not only take into account those people who watch it on their network itself these days. Streaming numbers are put into the programming equation as well. Networks will look at that data, too.