‘Magnum PI’: Longtime Fans of the Show Have a Problem With This Character

by Megan Molseed

In the 1980s, actor Tom Selleck made waves portraying the iconic mustachioed detective Magnum PI He was one of TV’s coolest players. Cruising down Hawaii’s scenic highways in his red Ferrari. All while solving crimes with noticeable ease.

However, part of what made this P.I. drama series so memorable was the show’s successful formula. Partnering Selleck’s laid-back detective with John Hillerman’s much more uptight Quayle Higgins. The two served as a perfect balance for each other, and their relationship grew into a partnership based on strong mutual respect. However, the 2018 reboot of this popular series decided to go a different route with this Higgins character. And fans are not loving the changes.

Magnum PI’s Revival Series Gives Fans A New Take On A Classic Character

In 2018 fans of the iconic 1980s detective series were thrilled when news that a revival Magnum P.I. series was making its way onto the CBS airwaves. However, it soon became very clear that fans were not pleased with the direction this reboot was going with the Higgins character.

The central premise of Magnum P.I. remains the same in the revival series. However, showrunners did decide to mix things up a bit. One of the most obvious ways the creators did this was by changing the beloved Higgins character from a serious World War II veteran to Perdita Weeks’ Juliet Higgins a younger blond-haired M16 Agent. This newly developed highly skilled agent has very little in common with the original Higgins. The only thing the two seem to have in common is their British background.

Fans React To The Revamped Higgins Character

These changes certainly bring a fresh take to the original Magnum P.I. character. However, fans of the original Tom Selleck-led series are not happy with the new character.

“Higgins should be an elderly British military figure with lots of 20th-century British military anecdotes…,” notes one Magnum P.I. fan on a recent Reddit post. Another fan notes that the “new” Higgins doesn’t share the same depth that we saw in the original character.

 “[The] new version of Higgins is particularly bad, and forced,” the commenter notes in the thread.

“The back stories and portrayals of the original characters were deep, explored, and gave them purpose,” the response continues.

Did The Original Character’s Flaws Make Them More ‘Likeable’?

The Redditors also note that this reboot is “trying, but failing, to mimic the original” but, the fan adds it doesn’t seem to be working.

“Their stories, flaws and differences made them likable and relatable,” the Reddit message explains. “[Which] was a huge component of the success of the series.”

“The new series does not appear to have any depth to the characters,” the Redditor continues.

“[And] their backstories seem to be only for the sake of having them,” the commenter adds.