‘Magnum PI’: NBC Celebrates Saving the Show From Cancelation

by Taylor Cunningham

We’re all excited that Magnum PI survived a cancellation. And as it turns out, NBC is feeling exactly the same.

If you didn’t follow the drama that took place this spring, the series’ original home, CBS, gave Magnum PI the boot after ending the story on a major cliffhanger. But when an outcry ensued, NBC decided to give it a new home.

And somewhere in between the official pick-up and this weekend, the TV network casually updated its Twitter page to reflect how it feels about its new addition by changing its bio to “Hey (with the intention of saving Magnum PI).”

The message confused a lot of people, of course, us included. But with some help from CaterMatt, we finally decrypted the meaning.

Apparently, “hey (with the intention of…)” is a popular meme template that pokes fun at people who begin a conversation with a hidden agenda. For example, when a guy at a bar walks up to a single lady and says, “Hey..” with the intention of asking her out. So basically, NBC is making it perfectly clear that it was seriously focused on bringing Magnum PI into its primetime lineup from the start.

The note also proves that the network is ready to build tension ahead of the show’s premiere. However, don’t expect to see the detectives returning to duty anytime soon. While most shows are slated to head back to TV this September, Magnum PI will follow a few months later.

Thanks to the legal details of moving a title from one network to another, filming wasn’t able to go on as usual. And the actors aren’t even expected to get back to work until this fall.

Here’s Why CBS Gave Up on ‘Magnum PI’

So why did CBS give up on a series that was doing so well? Like always, it came down to money.

As The Indie Wire wrote, Magnum PI was sitting pretty as one of the top 25 scripted series on any network. But despite that, CBS wasn’t making enough money off of it. Between the licensing fees and shooting on location, there wasn’t enough left over to justify another season.

NBC, however, could pick up the show and film it on a better budget. And since the series was already co-owned by Universal Television, which is part of NBCUniversal, it was easy for the network to take over.

And now that the entire cast and crew are no longer unemployed, they’re all thanking NBC and everyone else involved, for helping save the series.

“Ok, I’m sure by now you have all heard the great news,” lead star Jay Hernandez announced on Twitter. “Magnum P.I. got picked up for a fifth season. Thank you to the fans for the tremendous effort. I mean, you guys had petitions going, you got a billboard in Times Square. Because of all that noise you made, we now have a new home at NBC. See you in Season 5!”