‘Magnum PI’ Reportedly ‘Close’ to Finding a Home for Season 5

by Joe Rutland

Magnum PI is reportedly “close” to finding another network home for the former CBS show that stars Jay Hernandez. There are a few reports out there that lead to speculation. One of them comes from writer Andre Jackson. He went on Twitter and said that things were getting “close” to being finalized.

Actor Zachary Knighton, according to Matt & Jess, went on Instagram and posted a video with the song “The Final Countdown” being played. Also, it is being reported that cast contracts will expire on Thursday. Still, if the show is coming back then making sure everyone is signed up will be in the best interest of all. When will everything be finalized? That remains the big question in this situation.

NBC, USA Network Are Possible Landing Spots for ‘Magnum PI’

Of course, the show needs to find a new home. Reports have indicated that USA Network and NBC are in the running for it. Should the show land on USA Network, it will have the power of a cable television audience behind it. NBC gives the show a sure-fire network presence as NBC is among the old-school “Big 3” networks. We have not picked up any word from Hernandez himself about the ongoing search. It might be that he also is waiting for something to be solved in this mystery.

The show follows Thomas Magnum, played by Hernandez. As you might know, Tom Selleck is not involved with this reboot at all. Can you see the O.G. show? Sure, it’s out there in the land of syndicated television shows. What happened to this current version on CBS? It was canceled along with other shows. A few people were surprised to see it gone, too. It has pretty much been doing well in its timeslot. Now, Hernandez, Knighton, and others will wait and see where the show lands.

Perdita Weeks Admits That She’s Obsessive About Recycling

Meanwhile, another of the show’s stars is Perdita Weeks, who plays Juliet Higgins. There was some scuttlebutt that Weeks possibly might leave the show during last season. So, Weeks’ character is quite important to the show’s storylines. She will not be going anywhere and is probably waiting for word. You know, about where the show is going to land.

One thing she probably will continue to do is raise awareness around recycling. Weeks talked about it in an interview for Hello! “I’m a recycling obsessive,” Weeks said. “People on sets can be unbearably wasteful in general. I couldn’t bear seeing all those cups going in the normal trash to become a landfill. I started putting big notes all over the kitchen saying ‘please recycle’.” Here’s hoping Weeks and her costars find out something pretty quickly about Magnum PI.