‘Magnum PI’: What Changes Can We Expect With the Show on NBC Now?

by Alex Falls

Magnum PI fans begged for the show to return after CBS canceled the remake of the classic TV show earlier this year. Their collective efforts have paid off because NBC picked up the series for a new round of private investigations. The network ordered 20 episodes across two seasons which will change up the show’s format for a fresh start.

TV critic Matt Roush took questions on TV Insider and gave his impression of what to expect from the upcoming seasons. He said it’s too soon to know for sure how Magnum PI will change with a new network home. The shorter run time of the season suggests the show will serve as a midseason replacement, but he doesn’t expect NBC to change too much from what made the show popular in the first place.

“Much of the reporting during the time the show was in limbo focused on economics and cost, but whether tightening the budget belt will result in anything noticeable on screen remains to be seen,” Roush said. “As for cast and tone, I’m not aware NBC or NBCUniversal has any intention of fixing what wasn’t broke.”

He continued. “The show appears to be transferring with its creative team mostly intact, so I’d expect Magnum to be the Magnum the fans enjoy to the end. And if it emerges as a hit for NBC, the sky could be the limit.”

Magnum PI Star Thanks the Fans

The previous season of Magnum PI ended on a major cliffhanger. Despite being a fan favorite, CBS decided to pull the plug after the show became too expensive to produce. Fans immediately cried out in anger and launched a campaign to get Magnum PI back on the air.

Thomas Magnum himself, Jay Hernandez took to Twitter to thank the fans for making the show’s return possible.

“Okay, I’m sure by now you have all heard the great news,” Hernandez said in the video. “Magnum PI got picked up for a fifth season. Thank you to the fans for the tremendous effort. I mean, you guys had petitions going, you got a billboard in Times Square. Because of all that noise you made, we now have a new home at NBC. See you in Season 5!”

The new season premiere date is not yet confirmed. Normally, the show would be coming back in the fall. But after the initial cancellation, the filming schedule fell out of rotation. Stay tuned for more info on the return of Magnum PI.