‘Magnum PI’: When Can We Expect the Show to Premiere on NBC?

by Blake Ells

NBC saved Magnum PI by ordering two additional seasons of the show. The reboot of the classic TV series that starred Tom Selleck was canceled by CBS. But NBC stepped in and gave the series new life by ordering 20 additional episodes. Those episodes will be split into two seasons and will bring the show’s run to 98 episodes.

The reboot stars Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum and it debuted in 2018. In the reboot, Hernandez is an ex-Navy SEAL that has returned from Afghanistan. He uses his military skills to become a private investigator in Hawaii. CBS aired four seasons of the show. Its run there concluded in May. Universal acted quickly in rescuing the series. It planned on airing it on either NBC or USA. It appears that it will now land on NBC, but when will fans of the show get new episodes?

When Will ‘Magnum PI’ appear on NBC?

They saved the show from vanishing, but it doesn’t appear that NBC is in any rush to film new episodes. Sources tell TVLine that filming won’t begin until this fall. The series has traditionally filmed in July. Pushing production back means pushing the premiere back. The earliest it seems that the new episodes will debut is January.

The good news is that sources also tell TVLine that there is “the option for more” episodes beyond the 20 that have been ordered.

CBS Cancels Other Shows in 2022

Magnum PI wasn’t the only series on the chopping block at CBS. Good Sam starring Sophia Bush and How We Roll starring Pete Holmes were both canceled after just one season on the network. Good Sam was a medical drama. How We Roll followed the family life of a professional bowler.

Meanwhile at NBC, the network announced its fall lineup this week. That was among the discouraging news for Magnum PI, as the series isn’t included. Several fan favorites are set to return, though. The Voice makes its season debut on Monday, September 19 and Tuesday, September 20. Wednesdays belong to Chicago, with Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD set to make their season debuts on September 21. Thursday is all about Law & Order. The flagship show begins the night. SVU and Organized Crime follow. La Brea returns for its second season on Tuesday, September 27. Lopez vs. Lopez and Young Rock debut later in the fall. The comedies make their first appearance on November 4.

NBC has another exciting reboot on the way. Quantum Leap debuts on Monday, September 19. If NBC’s current scheduling trends are any indication, pairing Magnum PI with Quantum Leap seems likely. The deal is new. News about production on Magnum PI will come soon.