‘Magnum P.I.’: Where Is the Most Likely Home for a Season 5 Revival?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Will Magnum P.I. fans ever get to see what happens between Thomas and Higgins? It took them four seasons to finally get the nerve to kiss and voice their obvious feelings for each other. And then CBS cancels the show.

If you’re an avid Magnum P.I. watcher, you know that scene between Magnum (Jay Hernandez) and Higgins (Perdita Weeks) was the season four cliffhanger. And thanks to the CBS decision to cancel the popular show, it also might be how the series ends.

But there is talk that NBC will swoop in and make all the Magnum fans happy. Deadline reported earlier this month that NBC and USA Network were in advanced discussions about bringing the show their way. After CBS passed on season five, Universal Television, which co-produced the series, started shopping the show around Hollywood. Cast contracts expire at the end of the month, so there should be some news soon. Hernandez is too popular of an actor to not find another prominent gig.

Magnum P.I. ended with a kiss between Thomas and Higgins. (CBS ©2022)

Hernandez has addressed the show’s cancellation on social media. But he hasn’t mentioned the show much in the past month. When news broke that CBS canceled it, he tweeted a photo of the cast.

“All good thing must come to an end,” the Magnum P.I. star wrote. “We made memories I’ll be forever grateful for and thanks to each & every one of you for going on this wild ride with us. It’s all love. Until next time.”

So about that last line Hernandez wrote. Will there be a next time for Magnum P.I? CBS first revived the series in 2018, when it brought the popular series from the 1980s. But there were tweaks. Hernandez, like Tom Selleck did before him, still drove around the island in a red Ferrari. The theme music sounded the same. But Higgins was reimagined as a woman, although she’s still British and a former MI6 agent. Thomas still hangs out with buddies Rick and T.C. He also is friends with Gordon, a detective for Honolulu P.D.

CBS, however, pulled the plug on the Friday night buddy/crime drama. The series averaged 7.4 million viewers each episode. It was the most popular show of the series that were canceled. This Is Us beat the numbers, but that NBC show wasn’t canceled. Rather, viewers knew before the season that this would be its final year.

(Zack Dougan/CBS ©2022)

Topped by NCIS and FBI, CBS owned six of the top 10 most-viewed shows this year. Magnum P.I. ranked 28th in total viewers, and that includes the NFL and shows not on network television.

A few weeks before CBS announced its decision, Hernandez said he felt good about the fate of Magnum P.I.

“The numbers are great, it travels well internationally,” Hernandez told TV Line. “So yeah, I think we’re in good shape.”

Maybe Hernandez knew the show would have a backstop in case CBS said no to season five.