‘Magnum PI’: Will the Show Introduce a New Villain in Season 5?

by Leanne Stahulak

Earlier this month, NBC swooped in and picked up the “Magnum PI” reboot, starring Jay Hernandez, that was canceled by CBS.

For a while, “Magnum PI” didn’t have a home, and TV fans prayed for another network to rescue it. Luckily, NBC finalized negotiations earlier this month and ordered 20 episodes across two seasons. So, we could be seeing a 10-episode Season 5 as early as this winter.

“Magnum PI” will not, unfortunately, air this fall as it normally does. Since the negotiations literally just finished, the new showrunners and old cast members have to figure out how this show will operate in its new network. And that means reevaluating how character arcs will play out, which storylines they want to pursue, and who the big baddie will be this season.

TV bloggers Matt & Jess Carter started spitballing ideas for the Season 5 villain earlier this week. Many “Magnum” fans know that the show commonly switches foes from week to week in each episode. But with a shorter, more condensed season on a new network, maybe now is the time to introduce a more overarching villain.

What if, in addition to our weekly bad guys, we have someone hanging over the season as a whole? Someone pulling the strings with implications that extend beyond the current season? It could be someone from Magnum’s past, or a new player stepping up to the plate. Either way, with two seasons guaranteed from NBC, this could be the time for “Magnum PI” to debut a muti-season villain.

‘Magnum PI” star Jay Hernandez Celebrates Show’s Revival Via NBC

When the news broke about NBC picking up “Magnum PI,” reading man Jay Hernandez quickly took to Twitter to celebrate. On July 1, he shared Deadline’s article about the good news, adding his own special message to it.

“It was a bit circuitous but we did it! Your love & support helped get us over the finish line, thank you & thanks to @nbc for stepping up! Time to dust off the Aloha shirt!” Hernandez wrote.

In the comments, fans quickly started congratulating the “Magnum PI” star and the rest of the crew.

“This is great news! So happy for the cast, crew, writers, and fans!” one person commented.

“So very happy! Can’t wait to see many new Hawaiian shirts!” another fan said.

“We are so so happy to have you guys back! You really had us at Aloha! Now go forth and make some awesome seasons! We’ll be waiting impatiently of course,” someone else wrote.

They’re not wrong about having to wait for the new season. Per the Carters, filming is set to start around September, when the show would normally air. In the past, filming started in July. Now, the network is likely using July to finalize the script and finish pre-production tasks.