Max Thieriot’s ‘Fire Country’: Everything to Know About the ‘SEAL Team’ Star’s New Series

by Taylor Cunningham

SEAL Team star Max Thieriot’s new drama, Fire Country, is moving forward. Here’s everything to know about the CBS series slated to drop with this fall’s TV lineup.

Fire Country follows the story of a troubled young convict named Bode Donovan as he enlists in a firefighting program in the town where he was born and raised.

As CBS writes, “Donovan is seeking redemption and a shortened prison sentence by joining an unconventional prison release firefighting program in Northern California, where he and other inmates are partnered with elite firefighters to extinguish massive, unpredictable wildfires across the region. It’s a high-risk, high-reward assignment, and the heat is turned up when Bode is assigned to the program in his rural hometown, where he was once a golden all-American son until his troubles began.

“Five years ago, Bode burned down everything in his life, leaving town with a big secret. Now he’s back, with the rap sheet of a criminal and the audacity to believe in a chance for redemption with Cal Fire.”

Max Thieriot’s ‘Fire Country’ Joining the Friday Night Lineup

CBS handed Fire Country the now-canceled Magnum PI timeslot, which is Friday nights at 9/8c. The network gave the freshman series the spot to keep the night’s theme based on procedural and firefighting stories.

Thieriot based the script on his own experiences in the Northern California fire country. And while using an original idea, the actor co-wrote the pilot with writers Tony Phelan and Joan Rater.

Max Thieriot will both star in and executive produce Fire Country. However, Phelan and Rater will not stick with the crew past the pilot. Instead, the two have handed over the showrunner responsibilities to Tia Napolitano. The producer and writer has helmed other series such as Cruel Summer. And, she has been a co-EP for other major dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and Council of Dads.

Joining Thieriot and Napolitano with executive producer duties will be Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, and KristieAnne Reed through Jerry Bruckheimer Television. And Billy Burke, Kevin Alejandro, Diane Farr, Jordan Calloway, Stephanie Arcila, and Jules Latimer will star as series regulars.

Fire Country will not pull Max Thieriot away from his current place with SEAL Team, which also airs on CBS. Originally, his character Clay’s fate was uncertain. In the season finale, he told the team that he was leaving Bravo to spend more time with his son. But according to Deadline, the star will stick with the military drama for at least one more season.