‘Mayans M.C.’: Is the Show Getting Renewed for Season 5?

by Taylor Cunningham

FX has yet to announce if it will renew Mayans M.C. for a fifth season. But after its continued sky-high ratings and epic cliffhanger last month, it seems that at least one more year of the story is inevitable. However, in Hollywood, anything can happen.

Though after hearing a recent announcement, we may finally have the unofficial proof we need to know that the story will continue.

Just this weekend, Comic-Con announced that the major players of the TV series. will be sitting for a panel on July 24th. And that would be an unlikely choice of headliners if the series wasn’t certain to return.

According to a press release, there will be a Mayans M.C. screening followed by a Q&A with executive producer/director/writer Elgin James. Joining him will be stars Clayton Cardenas, JD Pardo Danny Pino, Sarah Bolger, Emilio Rivera, Michael Irby, Raoul Max Trujillo, Frankie Loyal, Joseph Lucero, Vincent Varga, Gino Vento, JR Bourne, Emily Tosta, and Vanessa Giselle.

So, pretty much everyone will be in attendance.

‘Mayans M.C.’ Co-Creator Elgin James May Announce Season 5 at the Event

As CarterMatt points out, sending 15 people to the convention is a costly endeavor. And it’s unlikely that FX and Disney would fork out the money if the show was nixed. The only reason to hold the panel is for promotional reasons, after all.

That means that you can assume that it’s more likely than not that you’ll see the Sons of Anarchy spinoff live for another season. And James will probably announce the news while on stage at the event.

But what’s in store for the ruthless gang next season? Well, since FX hasn’t even admitted to the renewal, the network or creators haven’t teased much about a plot. However, ahead of the recent finale, James did give some information about the story going forward. And that is that the characters will probably never find a resolution to their violent feud.

“I don’t think [the past] is ever going to go away,” he told Comicbook.com. “Once the water breaks the dyke, I don’t know if it ever ends. I don’t know how you put that back together. We start [the season] off with a bang; we come out swinging. There’s more action in the first episode than there was in the three earlier seasons. We will take our time and be patient because we also have to reset ourselves emotionally. But once it starts rolling again, there’s no stopping it. [The war] is definitely going to take a season, and it may take the rest of these characters a lifetime.”