‘Mayans MC’: When Can Fans Expect News About Season 5?

by Shelby Scott

Mayans MC aired its season four finale just last month. However, fans are already looking forward to a potential fifth season. While the Sons of Anarchy spinoff hasn’t officially announced a season five renewal yet, most fans feel confident the show will return to Hulu at a later date. If so, when exactly can we expect news about season five?

According to CarterMatt, “everyone behind the scenes” of Mayans MC is “99 or 100%” certain TV network FX will renew the series. Per the outlet, fans should expect a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con next week. It’s there they expect showrunners to share news of season five’s renewal. After all, the show, starring actor JD Pardo’s Ezekiel Reyes, remains insanely popular, especially as its origins date back to Sons of Anarchy which first aired in 2008.

Following news of Mayans MC‘s season five renewal, what can we expect when the brand new season airs? Well, the biggest question right now surrounds who set the warehouse on fire during the season four finale. Although, as per the outlet, even if we do get a renewal for the crime drama next week, it’s likely that the only person who actually knows the real answer is Mayans MC writer Elgin James.

Overall, if we do receive news of Mayans MC‘s fifth season, we shouldn’t expect its return until this spring.

‘Mayans MC’ Showrunner Says ‘Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates Was ‘A Treat’ To Have On Set

Given the open-endedness of Mayans MC‘s fourth season, we’re pretty positive the hit series will see its fifth season. However, in the meantime, we’re reflecting on the dynamic storylines set forth in the season four finale. Most prominently, we’re looking at the buzz surrounding Sons Of Anarchy star Kim Coates. Following the season finale, Mayans MC showrunner says Coates was “a treat” to have on set.

“Kim is such a phenomenal actor,” the series’ showrunner Elgin James gushed to Entertainment Weekly. Ahead of the finale, James said, “He’s so electric, he’s so alive! And now we can’t wait to bring him back to put him up against other people in our show who are also very electric and alive.”

He concluded, “We’re thinking these pairings could be really, really fun.”

Aside from his compliments directed at the Sons of Anarchy star, the Mayans MC showrunner also teased a little about Coates’ character Tig’s potential return. When asked whether Coates could return in the new season, James teased, “who knows? It was such a treat [to have him on set]…he was treated like royalty.”

Compared to Mayans MC, which debuted just a few years ago in 2018, Sons of Anarchy‘s cast has become iconic among fans. So, if we do get to see more of the original show’s cast members following season five’s renewal, it will definitely mark a special storyline within the series.