‘Mayans MC’: When Will We Get News of a Season 5 Premiere Date?

by Craig Garrett

Fans of the Mayans MC are waiting for an official announcement from FX about the season 5 premiere date, with no hints from the network. The Sons of Anarchy is already considered classic tv, with the spinoff Mayans MC earning a similar reputation. Season 4 featured a lot of shake-ups for the motorcycle club. A brewing war with The Sons of Anarchy and a new club president, to name a few. It’s no wonder that fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of season 5. However, the network FX is playing it close to the vest, ramping up fan interest.

As the Matt & Jess TV Commentary blog points out, FX took part in Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour earlier this month. The network dropped no hints about Mayans MC season 5’s premiere date. They decided to focus on a slew of other upcoming shows from FX. The blog also points out that there hasn’t been much news in regards to shooting the new season, either. It’s doubtful that FX will drop a release date until they have a few episodes in the can.

With so many plot threads being brought up in season 4, it makes sense that the writers and producers would take their time. They have a lot of stories to pay off for Mayans MC. Sticking the landing to these threads is important to diehard fans that have been following the franchise since the Sons of Anarchy days. It’s hard to believe that this franchise dates all the way back to 2007.

Details about The Mayans MC season 5

Recently at San Diego Comic-Con, a screening of Mayans MC and a panel with the show’s main actors and creatives took place. This was when Nick Grad, president of original programming for FX, revealed that Mayans M.C. was renewed for a fifth season. It appears very likely that Pardo and Cardenas will reprise their roles in Mayans M.C. Season 5. With Bishop moving to vice president of the Santo Padre charter, Michael Irby is expected back. Danny Pino, Sarah Bolger, Emilio Rivera, and Edward James Olmos should all return in some capacity.

EZ invoked a club rule in the June 14 season finale to remove and replace Santo Padre’s incumbent president. The dark path EZ took in the second half of season 4 began with deciding to murder his ex-girlfriend. Part of it was his belief that the Mayans MC should establish a business relationship with drug queenpin Soledad. However, the arson of a warehouse containing a huge heroin reserve has complicated things.

Meanwhile, JD Pardo believes EZ is coming out on top in Mayans MC due to some calculated moves. “What’s fascinating is they keep saying that war is coming, but what EZ sees is that the war is here. Everyone is getting picked off. This war with the sons is already started,” Pardo told TV Insider. “At this point, it’s really about survival, and that’s what EZ knows because he spent 10 years in prison. He’s been able to … see a few steps ahead. I think that a lot of times, there are people around that don’t really see it or understand it, and sometimes that’s what leaders are. They have to commit to something with integrity for everybody’s sake.”