Mike Rowe’s Mom Reveals Inspiration Behind Hilarious New Book ‘Vacuuming in the Nude’

by Caitlin Berard

As the host of Dirty Jobs as well as his own podcast, not to mention a retired opera singer, Mike Rowe is an inspiration to millions. And though she feels an enormous sense of pride for her son for these accomplishments, Mike’s mother, Peggy Rowe, has done her best to eclipse him.

At the astounding age of 80, Peggy Rowe became a best-selling author with her memoir entitled About My Mother: True Stories of a HorseCrazy Daughter and Her BaseballObsessed Mother, proving that you’re never too old to chase your dreams.

It’s been four years since the release of About My Mother, and Peggy Rowe is now the proud author of two more popular books. The first is her 2020 release, About Your Father and Other Celebrities I Have Known: Ruminations and Revelations from a Desperate Mother to Her Dirty Son. The second, and newest, is her 2022 collection of comedic essays, Vacuuming in the Nude: And Other Ways to Get Attention.

Peggy Rowe Explains the Inspiration for ‘Vacuuming in the Nude’

Hilariously, the cover of Vacuuming in the Nude depicts a cartoon Peggy vacuuming while wearing nothing but a barrel emblazoned with the word “censored.”

Despite the salacious cover, however, Mike Rowe’s hilarious mother assures potential readers that they’ll find nothing untoward in the book. “This is not a book of erotica…” Peggy Rowe explained on the TODAY Show. “Despite the picture on the front and the title.”

“The title is actually a metaphor for all of the things we do to get attention,” she continued. “And during my years of writing and trying to become a writer, I did a lot of things to get attention. So, no. Not really vacuuming in the nude.”

“Although I did have a friend who vacuumed in the nude,” she added as her son Mike Rowe shook his head and covered his face in embarrassment. “And then her husband joined her in the shower.”

Mike Rowe Describes the Tough Task of Writing the Forwards for His Mother’s Books

Slightly red in the face, Mike shared that it’s “the dream, for sure” to hear such stories from his mother. On a more serious note, he then told the hosts that he’s written the forward for each of his mom’s books, totaling three as of 2022.

“Every time she writes a book, I have to write the foreword,” Mike Rowe explained. “Which becomes increasingly challenging.”

“Because her first bestseller, she was 80,” the Dirty Jobs host said. “And when your 80-year-old mother asks you to write the foreword for her first book, you gotta think, ‘Well that might be the last one,’ so you put it all out there. And then she just keeps writing! So yeah, this one was a bit of a challenge.”

Though writing forwards is a difficult task, Mike Rowe couldn’t be happier to do it for his beloved mom Peggy. The Dirty Jobs host clearly holds a great deal of admiration for his lifelong role model.

“My mom has written every single day for the last 60 years,” Mike Rowe told Fox News. “To this day when she goes out in public, she has her yellow legal pad. She interviews strangers and she writes down their stories. She became a bestselling author at 80 and ever since…we’ve created a monster.”