‘Monarch’ Finally Nails Down September Debut Date on Fox

by Shelby Scott

If you’re looking for a show featuring drama, country music, and Trace Adkins, then “Monarch” might be for you. Production for “Monarch” began in the fall of last year. And, while the Fox-owned drama was initially scheduled to air in January, the all-new series has seen repeated delays for a multitude of reasons. Show bosses, though, attribute delays primarily to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, now, as primetime TV closes out its 2021-2022 fall/spring season, we’re excited to share with you that the network has officially nailed down a September debut date.

According to Variety, “Monarch” will, finally, air on Sunday, September 11th this year. The new show will immediately follow the NFL game between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. From there, the country music drama will move to its permanent timeslot on Tuesday nights. The second episode premieres Tuesday, September 20th at 9 p.m. EST.

After a long gestational period, “Monarch” will likely see a massive audience. after anxious viewers have sighed at every newly announced release date. However, the fall lineup for primetime television is the biggest of the year. And so, for FOX to officially share the premiere date and time, we can hopefully expect things to move forward.

Interestingly, “Monarch” is the only brand new series that will join the network’s ranks this fall. In addition to the new show, we can also look forward to the return of “9-1-1,” “The Masked Singer,” and “Jeopardy!” host Mayim Bialik’s series, “Call Me Kat.”

What Can We Expect When ‘Monarch’ Premieres?

As a country music fan, all it took to draw this Outsider’s attention to “Monarch” is Trace Adkins. However, there is so much more contributing to this explosive storyline and everything we know is below.

Overall, “Monarch” follows the story of the fictional first family of country music, headed by its King and Queen, Albie and Dottie Roman (Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins). Other notable characters are the duo’s children, daughters Nicky, formerly Nicolette and Gigi, and their son Luke. Generally, “Monarch” follows the couple and their children as they work to protect their country music legacy, despite that it was built on a lie. In addition, we also get to see the onscreen couple’s very different daughters strive for Dottie’s crown.

Previews show classic industry scenes, both on and off the stage. Meanwhile, others feature the main characters partaking in less-than-legal activities.

Altogether, “Monarch” is shaping up to be a hair-raising, boot-stomping good time. And, given that FOX first bought the new series back in 2019, writers have had ample time to draw up this story. “Monarch” was created by Melissa London Hilfers and will take to the screen as an hour-long drama.