‘More Power’: Go Behind the Scenes of Making the Show With Tim Allen, Richard Karn

by Caitlin Berard

For eight wonderful years, Tim Allen starred on the beloved sitcom Home Improvement, playing Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, the host of the show within the show Tool Time. On the show, Tim Taylor and his best friend, Al Borland (Richard Karn) give their viewers “useful” home improvement tips and tricks.

The comedy comes in their undeniably clumsy handling of the various power tools, which commonly results in massive disasters both on and off the fictional set. Tim Taylor, specifically, is a little power-obsessed. And it’s his mantra, “More Power!,” combined with the overpowered use of his tools that most often causes the accidents.

It’s only fitting then, that now that Tim Allen and Richard Karn are bringing Tool Time to life, it would carry the title More Power. In the new History Channel series, Tim, Richard, and DIY expert April Wilkerson bring viewers along as they “put all kinds of tools to the test.”

Each episode features a different tool, which Tim Allen then takes to the limit in a similar fashion to his character, Tim Taylor, on Home Improvement (just with slightly tighter safety protocols). “I like to see where the edge is. When there’s a big red button that says ‘Do not touch,’ I right away go to touch it,” he joked to TV Insider.

To hammer the connection to Tool Time home, Tim Allen also brings viewers into his workshop, where he invites some of the country’s most skilled makers to show off their impressive creations. “[Richard Karn and I] share a great appreciation of people who can solve a problem not by talking about it, but by ‘doing’ it with creativity and amazing skills,” Allen said in a statement.

‘More Power’ Star April Wilkerson Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of New Series

Many now know April Wilkerson for her starring role in More Power. The DIY expert, however, had an impressive fanbase long before the first episode premiered. For close to a decade, Wilkerson has hosted her own home improvement show on YouTube, building an audience of more than 1 million dedicated viewers.

Her latest video was a particularly exciting one, as she took fans behind the scenes of More Power, giving viewers a glimpse into what it’s like to make a TV show with Home Improvement stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn.

In the video, the trio attempts to play basketball, chop watermelons, and cut cookies with construction equipment. They also navigate laser fields with the help of a contortionist named Brynn.

Through laughs, shrieks, and friendly conversation, along with plenty of unorthodox uses for some of the most iconic tools, April Wilkerson manages to perfectly encapsulate the fun energy and allure of the show in less than five minutes.

“I just love seeing someone not quite so well-known getting to have fun and spend quality time working with someone really famous! I mean, of course, seeing Tim and Richard getting to have fun and spend quality time working with our own DIY star, April! Those two guys really lucked out!” one fan gushed in the comments. “This is just too cool. I’m excited for you, April! Looks like a fun show,” another said.