‘More Power’: Go Behind the Scenes with Tim Allen and Richard Karn

by Joe Rutland

Tim Allen and Richard Karn are working together again on the show More Power and are joined by April Wilkerson for the fun. This new show can be seen on the History Channel and has all three of them looking at tools. We all know that tools and Tim Allen are definitely two things that go together. In this new show, Allen, Karn, and Wilkerson are spending time looking at different tools and their evolution.

For instance, maybe they will look at how a piece of metal became a tool over the decades. Who knows? There are so many tools from which to choose from for these to review. Well, this video is filled with behind-the-scenes looks at all three of them at work. It’s funny, cool, and interesting all at the same time. Of course, there are laughs galore here, too. Give yourself a few minutes to sit back and enjoy the camaraderie.

Tim Allen Has Previously Worked With Richard Karn, April Wilkerson Before ‘More Power’

If you are saying to yourself that you’ve seen these three together before, then you are right. All of them worked together on Assembly Required. Before getting on that show, Wilkerson made a name for herself in the do-it-yourself world on YouTube. That’s not a bad way to gain recognition while also sharing information.

Before More Power, Allen has been making people laugh for decades. He’s played Tim Taylor on Home Improvement and Mike Baxter on Last Man Standing. But he’s also pretty quick with a quip or two over on Twitter. Allen shares random thoughts about social issues and an occasional idea for the sports world. Karn has enjoyed being Allen’s foil on Home Improvement. Did you know that he was the host of a game show? At one time, Karn hosted a version of Family Feud. He took over after late comedian Louie Anderson left his hosting duties.

Allen has been funny for a long time. Yet even he has had moments that he wishes were different. One of them happened when he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Comedians would dream of sitting next to the “King of Late Night” on the famed NBC show. Allen was no different. But, well, things did not work out too well for him. In his own words, Allen “bombed” on there. For starters, he forgot his glasses and could not see anything. TelePrompter, his mark on the floor, everything. Once finished, he would go sit next to Carson. Allen would recall the host leaning over during a commercial break and saying, “You’ve got to be funnier than that.” Allen did get a do-over on another night and nailed it.