Morgan Freeman’s Bass Reeves Series ‘Twin Territories’: Competition for ‘1883: The Bass Reeves’ Story?

by Shelby Scott

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan saw massive success with his spinoff series 1883. Amid its debut, the Western genre has rapidly made a tremendous comeback. Now, months following the show’s conclusion, cinematic giant Morgan Freeman is also in the midst of producing another 19th-century-based saga. Entitled Twin Territories, the story follows legendary lawman Bass Reeves and Irishman Chauncey Lee. Simultaneously, Sheridan has a similar project in the works, 1883: The Bass Reeves Story. With both upcoming series debuting in the midst of the Western comeback, will the two series rival each other?

Morgan Freeman’s direct involvement with Twin Territories‘ production certainly means the upcoming show will immediately attract a large fanbase. However, in the short time since Sheridan launched his Yellowstone universe, he has also seen just as much success.

With one of film’s biggest stars at the helm, as Freeman boasts a career spanning more than half a century, the actor’s series will definitely rival his colleague’s in some manner. Freeman has teamed up with American film producer Lori McCreary’s Revelations Entertainment. Together, they will navigate Bass Reeves’ story as, for 30 years, he wrangled the worst criminals of the Wild West.

As for 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, the upcoming six-part project will function as an offshoot of the original 1883. Comparatively, we have slightly more information regarding the Taylor Sheridan-produced show. As of now, we know David Oyelowo is set to play Bass Reeves. He will also serve as an executive producer of the upcoming series.

On the other hand, producers haven’t shared any major details regarding the storyline of Twin Territories. But, given its focus on one of America’s most famous lawmen, it’s bound to be just as exciting.

What to Expect From Morgan Freeman’s Upcoming Western

Despite its competition, Twin Territories should see just as much success as the Yellowstone creator’s 1883 offshoot. According to Deadline, the story, based on a novel by “preeminent” Bass Reeves scholar Art T. Burton, follows the real-life Lone Ranger, who was also once the “greatest lawman west of the Mississippi.”

As per the outlet, Bass Reeves is not only one of the most legendary lawmen in American history; he’s also the first Black Deputy U.S. Marshal. During his 30-year reign, the marshal managed to take down and bring in more than 3,000 of the West’s worst criminals. Deadline states the show aims to portray that. Twin Territories will follow Bass Reeves as he battles everything from criminals so lawless they hang their own “Wanted” posters to illegal settlers.

Interestingly, while the two Bass Reeves-based stories will certainly make for some competition among viewers, Morgan Freeman’s colleague and Hand of God creator Ben Watkins says the growing collection of tales is of little concern. In fact, he stated, “I think we all agree Bass Reeves was a hero who deserves all the stories to be told. There should be a hundred versions of Bass Reeves out already, and we’ve never looked at the fact that there are other projects out there as a bad thing.”

Additionally, Morgan Freeman said of the upcoming project that Twin Territories has the potential to be a “game changer for movies, [and] for history…There were no [Black] heroes [in film history], and that’s not American history at all.”