‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ Star Opens Up About Working With Catherine Zeta-Jones

by Craig Garrett

Newcomer Breeda Wool is starring alongside the legendary Catherine Zeta-Jones in the upcoming National Treasure series. The series is set to air on the streaming service Disney+. Breeda Wool was ecstatic to work with Zeta-Jones. She detailed the experience in an interview with Screenrant.

“Catherine Zeta-Jones is like a [powerful] queen,” Breeda Wool said. “She’s so good and cool and awesome. That is the best part about my job right now. I mean, there’s a bunch of good things, but Catherine Zeta-Jones is the [best].” Unsurprisingly, Breeda Wool continues her high praise. ” Like, when people [are] like oh, she’s Hollywood royalty. I’m like, “Nah, she’s just like royalty.” That woman’s a [really] classy, talented, intelligent [terrific] queen. But yeah, it’s a really good show.”

Zeta-Jones set to play the antagonist in ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’

Billie, the role played by Catherine Zeta-Jones will be one of the main characters in National Treasure: Edge of History. The character is described as a “billionaire, black-market antiquities expert, and treasure hunter who lives by her own code”. She will most likely be playing the antagonist opposite Ben Gates and his companions, who are also treasure hunters. This isn’t the only darker role Catherine Zeta-Jones will soon be playing. In the upcoming Netflix series Wednesday, she’ll play Morticia Addams. Wednesday debuts this fall.

The National Treasure franchise continues with this action-packed adventure series. It is set to premiere on Disney+ in the near future. The original films followed Nicolas Cage as treasure hunter Ben Gates. The 2004 action-adventure film was a box office success for Disney. The second entry in the National Treasure franchise, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, was released in 2007. However, the franchise remained dormant after that until May 2020, when the National Treasure follow-up series was announced.

Details are still scarce about the ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’

Franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer shared in an interview that National Treasure: Edge of History would be “the same concept but a young cast.” However, we know it will be a sequel that takes place in the same universe. It features Justin Bartha reprising his role as Riley Poole, the sidekick character from the films. The rest of the cast, so far, is unfamiliar with the National Treasure franchise. Aside from Wool and Catherine Zeta-Jones, the cast features newcomers Lisette Alexis, Lyndon Smith, and Zuri Reed. Nicholas Cage is not returning.

National Treasure: Edge of History will include 10 episodes in its first season. It will bring back some of the same creative team behind the first two movies. Writers Marianne and Cormac Wibberley are returning for the Disney+ series. Also returning is Jon Turteltaub, who directed the first two films. He will executive produce the show. Mira Nair is in the director’s chair.