‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ Teaser Trailer Revealed

by Joe Rutland

On Thursday, the first look at a trailer for the Disney+ TV series National Treasure: Edge of History did get revealed. The show will feature Lisette Olivera as Jess. Deadline reports that this premiere of the trailer happens at the San Diego Comic+Con event. Other news about the show indicates that Harvey Keitel will come on and play FBI agent Peter Sandusky.

It’s a role Keitel did play in the National Treasure films. Keitel will be a guest star on the show, along with Justin Bartha. Bartha will appear in the role of Riley Poole, who is a best friend of Ben, played in the movies by Nicholas Cage. National Treasure: Edge of History is under the production of ABC Signature.

Costars for ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ Also Join Lead Actress

Olivera was joined by fellow costars Zuri Reed, Jordan Rodrigues, Antonio Cipriano, Jake Austin Walker, and Lyndon Smith. Show executive producers Cormac and Marianne Wibberly also were there in San Diego. They are writers and producers from the National Treasure films. The show will focus on Jess, who is a DREAMer embarking on an adventure. What type? She’s looking to get to the truth of her family’s past. Jess also wants to save a lost Pan-American treasure, too. Comedian Jenny Lorenzo moderates the panel.

Reed will play Tasha, who is Jess’ ride-or-die friend who joins the treasure hunt. She is going to have to closely look at her belief system in order to help Jess. Cipriano will play Oren, who is a lovable but self-obsessed goofball with an encyclopedic knowledge of conspiracy theories. He works to get back on Tasha’s good side.

Breeda Wool Talks Up Working With Catherine Zeta-Jones

Rodrigues appears as Ethan, who is Jess’ childhood best friend. He’s been in love with her from the first time they ever met. Walker plays Liam, who is described as a swoon-worthy struggling musician. The dude has a chip on his shoulder and comes from a big group of treasure hunters. Catherine Zeta-Jones appears as Billie, who is a billionaire, black-market antiquities expert, and treasure hunter. She reportedly lives by her own code on the show, too. Breeda Wool, who also will be in the cast, talked about appearing with Zeta-Jones. “Catherine Zeta-Jones is like a [powerful] queen,” Wool said in an interview with ScreenRant. “She’s so good and cool and awesome. That is the best part about my job right now.”

Smith will appear as FBI Agent Ross. He’s an investigator who realizes a conspiracy is taking place. Meanwhile, Jerry Bruckheimer, the Wibberleys, Jonathan Littman, KristieAnne Reed, and Jon Turteltaub are on board as executive producers. They are joined by Rick Muirragui, who will also be a writer.