‘National Treasure’ Reveals Title of Upcoming Show

by Blake Ells

The long-awaited Disney+ National Treasure series now has a title. The series serves as an expansion of a universe being created around the franchise. A third film is still in the works.

The television series will attempt to reach a new audience. It’s about a young girl named Jess who discovered her family’s secret history. She works for the FBI and she works to unravel mysteries about her family’s past while trying to save a lost North American artifact.

Disney unveiled the title of the new series on social media Wednesday.

National Treasure: Edge of History seems like an effort by Disney to repeat formulas that have worked in streaming in recent years. They’re expanding the universe of a franchise and allowing that to develop new storytelling possibilities. It certainly worked with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s worked with Star Wars, despite naysayers believing that the original trilogy shouldn’t be touched. National Treasure has less history than those franchises. It’s ripe for spinning into a successful franchise for younger generations.

Justin Bartha will reprise his role as Riley Poole from Book of Secrets. There is definitely a connection to the original. Nic Cage won’t be back for the Disney+ series, though.

When Will ‘National Treasure 3’ Arrive?

The third National Treasure film still exists. Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed that recently. Nic Cage would return for that one, right? When will fans see the third installment of the film?

Bruckheimer is riding high on the success of Top Gun: Maverick. In a recent Reddit AMA, he was asked about Nic Cage’s return for the third movie, and he assured that he wants that to happen.

“Absolutely,” he said. “I love Nicolas. He’s a brilliant actor and we are currently working on a script for National Treasure.”

But Nic Cage has expressed plenty of doubt about the third film happening. He believes that the studio’s focus has shifted to the television series.

“So often these things we read about are just conjecture without any base or foundation,” Cage said in a March interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I feel the same about National Treasure 3. It’s been 14 years. There’s no there, there. So is it fun to think about? Sure.”

It’s not the only long overdue sequel that Nic Cage is attached to. There has also been plenty of talk about a Con-Air sequel. There’s been talk of a Face/Off sequel, too. Jerry Bruckheimer produced the immensely successful comeback story of the year, Top Gun: Maverick. It’s no wonder that other films in his catalog like Con-Air and National Treasure are getting attention. For now, we’ll eagerly anticipate the Disney+ series to hold us over. Maybe the new audience will demand a third film.