‘NCIS,’ ‘FBI,’ and ‘Blue Bloods’ Among Most-Watched Shows This Year: See the Full List

by Leanne Stahulak

The results are in, and they show that “NCIS,” “FBI,” “Chicago Fire,” and “Blue Bloods” top the charts for most-watched shows this season.

The 2021-2022 TV season runs from September to May. Variety compiled 33 weeks-worth of Nielsen rating data to produce these results. The results reveal which broadcasted, scripted series were the most and least-watched during primetime. The outlet pulled from networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.

Variety measured total-viewer averages over the course of each show’s entire season. They include the “most current” data up through May 8. Some of these shows’ seasons wrapped up before May 8 while others have remaining episodes airing in the next few weeks.

Let’s dive into the results.

Most-Watched Shows: ‘NCIS’ Reigns Supreme

Despite the early departure of Mark Harmon this season, “NCIS” still came out on top with an average of 10.97 million viewers. While the other “NCIS” franchise shows, “Los Angeles” and “Hawai’i,” made the Top 20 list, they didn’t come close to the numbers that the flagship show produced.

In the No. 2 spot, we have “FBI,” also from CBS, with 10.35 million viewers. These were the only two shows to break 10 million. But “Chicago Fire” came in close behind it at 9.92 million in the No 3. spot.

Fellow “One Chicago” shows also performed well, with “Chicago PD” at No. 6 with 9.25 million viewers. And “Chicago Med” followed with 9.2 million at No. 8.

“FBI’s” spinoffs, on the other hand, sat at No. 9 and No. 11 with between 8.3 and 8.9 million viewers.

As for the No. 4 spot, that belongs to “Blue Bloods,” which killed the Friday night competition with an average of 9.6 million viewers. The next highest show, “The Equalizer,” trailed behind it by more than 300,000.

So, What Were the Least-Watched Broadcast Shows?

Fox, unfortunately, boasted the Top 3 lowest-watched shows this television season. Its sitcom “Welcome to Flatch” brought in the lowest average number of viewers at 1.07 million. Close behind it was “The Great North” at 1.34 million and “Bob’s Burgers” at 1.61 million.

The rest of the least-watched shows jump around between various networks. But ABC boasts a fair number of shows near the bottom of the list, where the “best of the least-watched shows” reside. “The Wonder Years,” “The Promised Land,” and “Black-ish” all boast more than 2.6 million average viewers.

Jeopardy!” host Mayim Bialik’s show, “Call Me Kat,” actually holds the 20th spot on the list though. Which shows that it has the highest number of average viewers out of the 20 Least-Watched.

See the Full List of Most and Least-Watched Shows Below

Keep in mind that the list of “Most-Watched” shows, starting with “NCIS,” shows the highest average number at the top. Whereas the “Least-Watched” shows list starts with the lowest-rated show at the top.


1. “NCIS,” CBS — 10.97 million
2. “FBI,” CBS — 10.35 million
3. “Chicago Fire,” NBC — 9.92 million
4. “Blue Bloods,” CBS — 9.60 million
5. “The Equalizer,” CBS — 9.30 million
6. “Chicago PD,” NBC — 9.25 million
7. “Young Sheldon,” CBS — 9.22 million
8. “Chicago Med,” NBC — 9.20 million
9. “FBI: Most Wanted,” CBS — 8.85 million
10. “Ghosts,” CBS — 8.41 million
11. “FBI: International,” CBS — 8.31 million
12. “NCIS: Hawai’i,” CBS — 8.31 million
13. “This Is Us,” NBC — 7.57 million
14. “Bull,” CBS — 7.45 million
15. “La Brea,” NBC — 7.43 million
16. “NCIS: Los Angeles,” CBS — 7.24 million
17. “Magnum P.I.,” CBS — 7.24 million
18. “9-1-1,” Fox — 7.18 million
19. “9-1-1: Lone Star,” Fox — 6.83 million
20. “The Good Doctor,” ABC — 6.82 million


1. “Welcome to Flatch,” Fox — 1.07 million
2. “The Great North,” Fox — 1.34 million
3. “Bob’s Burgers,” Fox — 1.61 million
4. “Grand Crew,” NBC — 1.81 million
5. “Pivoting,” Fox — 1.85 million
6. “Queens,” ABC — 1.86 million
7. “Family Guy,” Fox — 1.90 million
8. “The Big Leap,” Fox — 2.03 million
9. “Our Kind of People,” Fox — 2.06 million
10. “Transplant,” NBC — 2.32 million
11. “The Simpsons,” Fox — 2.33 million
12. “Mr. Mayor,” NBC — 2.34 million
13. “Kenan,” NBC — 2.35 million
14. “Home Economics,” ABC — 2.46 million
15. “American Auto,” NBC — 2.55 million
16. “The Wonder Years,” ABC — 2.62 million
17. “Young Rock,” NBC — 2.63 million
18. “The Promised Land,” ABC — 2.69 million
19. “Black-ish,” ABC — 2.73 million
20. “Call Me Kat,” Fox — 2.93 million