‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Are Kensi and Deeks Finally Parents?

by Suzanne Halliburton
CBS ©2022

Everyone has waited so long to see if our favorite couple on NCIS: Los Angeles finally becomes parents. Nothing officially happened during Sunday’s special 300th episode. But there’s a good chance Kensi and Deeks will be the parents of two teenage daughters before the month ends.

Yes, Pilar and Rosa could become members of the Deeks/Kensi fam. Let that soak in. Or, picture Deeks’ stunned face when Kensi suggested they not only adopt Rosa but Pilar as well in “Work and Family.” As Kensi insisted, these two refugees from Guatemala need their love, help, and protection.

For some NCIS: Los Angeles background, Kensi helped bring Rosa to safety during the Jan. 9 episode, “A Land of Wolves.” (You can read the Outsider recap here.) Rosa’s mother likely had died. Her dad was missing. So Rosa was placed with an older aunt in Los Angeles as she filed for asylum.

And also this season, Deeks and Kensi met Pilar during the episode “Pandora’s Box.” The couple crossed paths with Pilar at the Office of Refugee Resettlement. She was friends with Rosa back home.

Kensi and Deeks needed to make a decision about Rosa during Sunday’s episode. Here’s why. Her aunt suffered a stroke and was placed in hospice care. Rosa had nowhere else to go. And there was a decent chance Rosa would be deported within the week.

Kensi and Deeks have been trying to have a baby for a few years. In season 13, the couple settled on adoption. And then they decided to be foster parents. That was partly a nod to Callen’s situation. Callen’s mother died when he was a child, so he and his sister ended up in foster care.

Here’s a short video clip from early in Sunday’s episode when Kensi and Deeks decide to adopt Rosa. Kensi explained to Rosa that they would do anything to keep her in the United States. Adoption certainly would be a permanent plan.

This whole NCIS: Los Angeles season, the couple has pondered whether their lives as agents might make it too dangerous to have a family. That certainly was the case Sunday night. The two were sent to a ranch outside LA. A group of domestic terrorists were using the ranch to train. Kensi and Deeks were surveilling the area until the rest of the agents could get there. However, they believed a woman was in danger, so they ran into the barn. It was a trap. The terrorists tied up the agents and waited for the other agents to arrive. Of course, the good guys got there to rescue Deeks and Kensi.

It seems pretty obvious that the couple will adopt at least one daughter in the season finale. Next Sunday’s hour is more focused on Callen. Both Katya and Joelle will make appearances. There also will be flashbacks to a young Callen and Pembrook, offering more clues on the CIA’s program to mine the foster system for new agents.

The adoption is resolved in the season 13 finale May 22. NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner R. Scott Gemmill is promising a beach party and a celebration. A check of the cast list shows that Rosa will be in the episode, but not Pilar. Check out the Outsider preview here.