‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Caleb Castille Gives Fans Sneak Peek Behind-the-Scenes

by Caitlin Berard

Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles is still two months away, but the actors behind the series have already returned to the set to begin production on the coming episodes. Among them is Caleb Castille, who plays Devin Roundtree on the popular police procedural.

Devin is a relatively new character, making his debut late in Season 11. He quickly built popularity with the NCIS fanbase, however, who can’t wait to see what the new episodes have in store for him. And the possible romance between himself and Fatima Namazi (Medalion Rahimi)? It only makes Season 14 more intriguing.

With the excitement for the return of Devin Roundtree and his fellow NCIS: Los Angeles characters building, fans were ecstatic when Caleb Castille shared a sneak peek of the Season 14 set on Instagram.

In his Instagram stories, Castille revealed a small but significant clue. The OSP (Office of Special Projects) boatshed will be included in the coming episodes. “Boatshed days be the best days,” Castille wrote across the footage.

Given the events of previous seasons, the inclusion of the boatshed promises some intense interrogations in Season 14. However, little else was revealed in the video. Though another behind-the-scenes video or two is sure to surface before the season airs, NCIS: Los Angeles fans will likely have to wait for the premiere to learn specific details about the upcoming episodes.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Boss Hints at Events of Season 14

Season 13 of NCIS: Los Angeles ended with a handful of happy moments. Callen and Anna, for example, finally got engaged. In addition, Kensi and Deeks became first-time parents and adopted Rosa Reyes. That said, it left fans with plenty of loose ends – it is a TV drama, after all.

In an interview with TV Insider following the Season 13 finale, NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner R. Scott Gemmill teased the coming drama in Season 14, including one of the biggest questions fans were left with following the latest finale: what’s going on with Hetty?

In Season 13, Hetty goes on a mission in Syria where she loses contact with the rest of the team. Neither the fans nor her fellow characters knew the culprit behind this disappearance, nor where her Syrian mission took her.

After hinting that the villains could be familiar characters, Gemmill explained the situation. “She had an operation,” he said. “Essentially two of her people were on the right track to expose someone [high up] within the Pentagon that was a traitor. Basically a mole, kind of like the fourth man.”

“But before they can get out with proof of that, they are captured,” he continued. “And we don’t know if they’re captured because they know who they are or they’re just as captured as part of some of the problems are going over there.”

“So ultimately she went back to try and resolve that with the Keane character. And then we haven’t heard from her since. So part of next season will be our guys finding out where she is, what happened, and probably having to go in and pull her out of the fire.”