‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Callen’s Days May be Numbered

by Samantha Whidden

With the 13th season finale of “NCIS: Los Angeles” set to debut on May 22nd, fans are really concerned about Chris O’Donnell’s character, Callen. 

According to Express, CBS has released numerous sneak peeks of the “NCIS: Los Angeles” episode, with one featuring a panicked Callen and LL Cool J’s Sam. “You didn’t call me just now?” Callen declares to Sam over the phone after he received a distress call. Upon Sam telling Callen that it wasn’t him who called, Callen says, “I just got a deep fake call from you and Fatima.”

Sam then answers, “Both of us? Well, that’s gotta be Katya. Whatever she’s been planning, it’s starting. She’s gonna build deep fakes on all of us. Killbride, Anna, Set-Nav, anybody.”

Although there’s room for concern, Callen reassures Sam that Katya doesn’t have verbal codes. “I said, ‘Sam Hanna, greatest partner in the world.”

“She didn’t know the reply?” Sam says and Callen notes, “No, who’d have thought you saying you loved me would save my life?”

Callen then tells Sam that Katya tried to lure him to their stakeout he’s been having for Marshall Davis. Sam replies that her knowledge about the case is scary to him. “We were running that stakeout for a long time, that means she was running surveillance on us,” he says. Callen further counters that they follow her lead. 

Callen may regret going after Katya. In another sneak peek Callen is seen being brutally assaulted during the stakeout. As the team arrives, they notice that Callen’s comms have gone offline and there is a video of Katya and her guards beating Callen. He is then kidnapped. 

Chris O’Donnell Spoke About the ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Cast Being Like a Family 

While speaking to Watch! Magazine in 2018, Chris O’Donnell spoke about how the “NCIS: Los Angeles” cast and crew are like a family to him. “It’s a second family. We’ve had marriages and divorces. We’ve had babies born, and we’ve lost cast and crew members.”

Also talking about his role on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” Chris O’Donnell stated that that role satisfies him on a lot of different levels. “Because we have very dramatic episodes, we do crazy action, we have some comedy.I come to this place every day for therapy to get things out of my system. I love to do it. It also gives me the opportunity to be in Los Angeles with my family.”

Meanwhile, Chris O’Donnell spoke about working with LL Cool J on the “NCIS: Los Angeles” set. “We’ve each had our ups and downs, and we knew what an opportunity this was. We came at it with the same attitude: Let’s work as hard as we can, give ourselves every opportunity to be successful, and have no regrets if it isn’t.”