‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Chris O’Donnell ‘Got a Kick Out of’ Acting Alongside His Family

by Taylor Cunningham
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Chris O’Donnell has hosted nearly all of his family on NCIS: Los Angeles, and he’s enjoyed every minute of it.

As the father of five told Steven Colbert recently, his wife and all but his oldest son, Christopher Jr., have guest-starred on his long-running crime drama. And to him, watching them work on screen has always been a novelty. But it’s not because he watching Oscar winners in the making.

“I get a kick out of it,” he admitted. “I mean, I think it’s funny cause I see how nervous they are, and I take it for granted.”

For Chris O’Donnell, showing up for NCIS: Los Angeles is just an everyday thing, but for his family, it’s a star-studded ordeal. So watching them function out of their elements can be amusing.

“I’m just used to it,” he laughed. “I get nervous doing certain events and coming on a talk show. It’s a different thing. On the set, you know, it’s what I do. It’s what you do every day. You’re very comfortable with it. You have an appreciation when your loved ones come on and they’re out of their sorts.”

But while O’Donnell has “appreciated” his family’s nerves a few times, his wife Caroline Fentress got the last laugh a few years ago.

Chris O’Donnell’s Wife Once Hilariously Ruined a Scene on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

One time, Fentress convinced O’Donnell to get her and a few friends a spot in an episode he directed. And while her scene was supposed to be terrifying, it ended up being hilarious.

“She and her friends said, ‘I wanna be on. If you’re the director, they can’t say “no.”‘ So, I’m like, ‘OK, we’ll get you in,” O’Donnel shared.

Of course, Colbert said the whole plan was “a long con” that she hatched when she first married him. But O’Donnell explained that she didn’t take the role serious enough for that.

In the episode, a man opened fire in a crowded restaurant. And all the people inside panicked and ran away. But when the actor sat down to review the take, he saw that Caroline and her friends were doing just the opposite.

“I’m watching the playback after we did the take ’cause there’s hundreds of people there,” he continued. “And there is one group of girls that come through—and they’re laughing hysterically. And they’re still carrying their real champagne that they had ordered themselves. And I look back, and the D.P. said, ‘Chris, they’re all laughing,’ and I said, ‘Yeah I know, that’s my wife. Um, we’re gonna handle that.'”

“I went back and said, ‘Guys, you’re going to get me fired. So you need to cooperate here,” he continued. “‘And maybe when that guy starts firing a gun, it’s not that funny. That’s all.’ I really kinda drilled down on it.”