‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ EP Breaks Down Callen’s Proposal in Season 13 Finale

by Caitlin Berard

Like most NCIS: Los Angeles episodes, the Season 13 finale sent fans on an emotional rollercoaster. This time, however, the highs were particularly high. NCIS writers finally gave fans the long-awaited engagement between Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Anna (Bar Paly) – at a beach barbecue with all the characters gathered together, no less!

“In every aspect of my life, I didn’t know who I was until I met you,” Callen explained to Anna to begin the touching proposal. After a romantic exchange in which Callen and Anna agreed that they’re both “broken” and that’s why they fit, Callen got down on one knee and proposed. And, of course, Anna said yes.

In an interview with TV Line, Executive Producer R. Scott Gemmill described how writers made the beautiful moment come together. “Yeah, that was another one of those things where you can slow roll these things for a certain amount of time. But at some point, I think you owe it to the characters and also to the audience to make a move,” Gemmill explained.

“So we just decided, at some point, we have to do something, either put an end to it or move forward,” the EP continued. “And I think, because of where we were, because not knowing if this was our last episode, that probably forced our hand a little bit in terms of making that leap because it just seemed like a good way for them to end if this is the last time we ever saw them.”

“Now we will have to follow through with that and we still have that to figure out ourselves, what’s the best way to tell that story. We had one wedding on the show and that was really fun. And who’s to say we can’t do another one?”

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ EP Calls Season 13 Finale Better Than the Last

The adorable proposal was just one aspect of an overall fantastic Season 13 finale. The finale was so great, in fact, that the TV Line interviewer described it as even better than the final episode of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12. R. Scott Gemmill, NCIS EP, agreed with this assessment. According to him, the cast and crew aimed for a home run episode because they weren’t sure if there would be a Season 14.

“Yeah, I think partially because we didn’t know if we were going to be renewed,” Gemmill said. “So with that in mind, we really wanted to leave the characters in a good place. And hopefully leave the fans in a good place if, by chance, that was our final episode.”

Thankfully, the NCIS cast and crew had nothing to worry about, as the series was renewed for a 14th season. As of now, there isn’t an official release date. However, Season 14 of NCIS: LA will likely premiere in September or October of this year.