‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ EP R. Scott Gemmill Looks Ahead To Show’s 300th Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton
CBS ©2022

The NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner offered some details for the series’ upcoming 300th episode. And let’s just say we’ll see more of a personal side to several agents.

R. Scott Gemmill is the NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner who sat down with TVInsider to talk about the 300th episode. Its official name is “Work and Family.” And here’s the official plot tease for the episode that airs this Sunday (May 9). “NCIS investigates after two men are blown up by their own explosives while attempting to break into a military base. Also, Callen wants to take the next step with Anna, and Sam moves in with his father.”

Gemmill told TVInsider that the biggest change will happen with LL Cool J’s Sam Hanna. Sam sells his boat and moves in with his father, a former Marine colonel who is suffering from dementia. Raymond, Sam’s dad, is used to giving the orders, whether it was to the men and women who worked with him in the military. Or whether those orders were for his son. Either way, Raymond isn’t calling his own shots anymore.

“They’re both very stubborn, prideful men,” Gemmill said of the father-son dynamic. “Raymond balks at house rules — no alcohol, for one.”

And then Raymond asks what happens if he brings home a lady friend. Sam wants no part of that discussion. Gemmill says: “It’s going to be a rocky road, in a fun way, as these two try to find common ground.”

“Richard Gant portrays Raymond, Sam’s dad, in the 300th episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. (Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022)

In the NCIS: Los Angeles 300th Episode Arkady Says No to Callen

Now, let’s move on to Callen, Sam’s partner played by Chris O’Donnell. Callen wants to marry Anna. He’s not going to ask her in the 300th episode. We know this because Bar Paly, who plays Anna, isn’t listed among the guest stars. However, Arkady (Vyto Ruginis), her father, does appear in “Work and Family.” And yes, Callen goes old school, tells Arkady his intentions, and asks permission to marry Anna.

Gemmill says Arkady nixes the idea. “It throws Callen for a loop,” Gemmill says. But Sam points out to Callen that Anna is her own woman. She’ll do what she wants when it comes to her love life.

Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen star in NCIS: Los Angeles. (CBS ©2022)

So what about everyone’s favorite couple on NCIS: Los Angeles? What is going on with Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah). It sounds like the couple will celebrate a big event, but that’s set for the season 13 finale. In Sunday’s episode, Gemmill offered this detail. The couple will make a decision about expanding their family. And it will involve Rosa, the young refugee Kensi helped rescue in an early January episode. Natalia del Riego portrays Rosa, who now is an orphan. Kensi called her in last week’s episode. And del Riego is set for an appearance this Sunday.

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