‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Eric Christian Olsen Was ‘Crying’ Over Kensi and Deeks Twist

by Taylor Cunningham

This week’s NCIS: Los Angeles finale finally brought some good news for Kensi and Deeks as they forge ahead with their desire to be parents, and actor Eric Christian Olsen is feeling that news as though it really happened to him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Sunday’s episode brought a lot of twists and turns for the agents. But the most positive of those happened when Kensi and Deeks moved one step closer to becoming the legal parents of Rosa Keyes.

Since the two married they’ve been struggling to start a family. Infertility issues became a forefront in their lives, and the couple tried every method possible to overcome them. But after years of emotional strains, they decided that fostering or adopting may be a better option for them.

Then this season, the couple met Rosa Keyes, a teenager from Guatemala who lost her parents after coming across the border. Initially, Kensi and Deeks only planned on letting the girl stay with them while she found her family. But when they learned that wasn’t possible, they found out that the government planned on deporting her. And she had nowhere to go if she went back to her home country.

So the agents began moving heaven and earth to give Rosa a permanent home with them. And during the last episode, they got the call that they’ve been approved. If you want to watch the emotional scene again, Deeks actor Eric Christian Olsen posted the special NCIS: Los Angeles clip on Instagram. But you can see it right here.

Kensi and Deeks Are Officially Fostering Rosa on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Watching that moment unfold was one of the most inspiring and joyful moments that we’ve gotten from the show lately. Seeing our favorite couple struggle with the all too real fertility battle is something that most of us can identify with, whether it’s something that’s affected us directly or indirectly. So watching their dreams finally come to fruition made our hearts swell.

And we’re not the only ones sobbing over the news, Olen is also still ruminating about Deeks’ happiness. As he captioned alongside the video, he’s “not you’re crying. Season finale @ncisla about to hit you in the feels.”

In the scene, Kensi gets a call from Janice King as she and Deeks are driving. Janice had been helping the couple with a few issues, and she began by mentioning that she didn’t have any news on a separate matter.

But then, she segued into saying that she did have an update on the fostering process with Rosa.

“I have great news regarding the adoption process regarding Rosa Reyes,” she started. “Congratulations, you two have been approved to be her resource family, you’ll be fostering Rosa Reyes.”

With that, the couple was both shocked and overwhelmed with happiness that can only be explained by watching the episode.

Hopefully, the good news will continue to roll into season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles and Eric Christian Olsen will have more to celebrate. The couple plans on officially adopting Rosa, but we assume the process will continue to be an uphill climb.