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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Stars Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah Preview New Episode They Wrote and Directed

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Credit: CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Highest quality screengrab available.)

It’s a good thing NCIS Los Angeles stars Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah talk about this upcoming new episode on CBS. Both of them had additional roles beyond their characters. Olsen plays Marty Deeks while Ruah plays Kensi Blye. Yet this new episode has Olsen as a writer and Ruah as a director. Roles that take them behind the camera before the show hits the airwaves.

Stars of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Offer Dynamite Insights About Upcoming Episode And Their Work

The show’s Instagram account shares some insights from both actors ahead of this Sunday night episode. “It was a really wonderful experience,” Ruah says. “He’s an exceptional writer.” “She’s great,” Olsen said. “It was easy for me ’cause I knew what I was going into because I’ve seen her direct before and she’s at her best.”

“Our dynamic as a family is one thing,” Ruah said. “Our dynamic of characters is another, but we’ve never stepped outside of those two things in order to become writer, director. I guess at first, I put a little bit of pressure on myself where I was like, ‘I want him to be happy working with me ’cause I want to do it again someday.’ He’s like, ‘You’re crazy, this is gonna be great.'”

“She’s passionate, driven by story, understands comedy,” Olsen said. “Understands the necessity for a freight-train plot.” “His feeling for character development, like writing for each actor’s strengths, story development, keeping obstacles constantly in the way of characters. it’s like it never stops until blackout, credits come up, and he’s just so good at it.”

Both Of Them Show Up As ‘Respectable Grown-Ups’ In Another Video

The appreciation between both actors is apparent through their comments. This NCIS Los Angeles episode will be on Sunday night, May 1, on CBS. Recently, Olsen pointed out that they looked like “respectable grown-ups” in another episode. He shared a clip of that show and writes, “I’m pretty sure the @cbstvstudios @cbstv & @ncisla team only promoted this clip because @danielaruah and I got new haircuts and we look like respectable grown-ups. New Episodes tonight!”

They also signed off from filming Season 13 of their show. Ruah posted a video of both of them together. She asks him what day it is. “It’s Tuesday. NCIS is on tonight. Is Blue Bloods on tonight? I never miss my boy Tom Selleck,” he said. She goes on to ask about what they are celebrating together. “It’s your birthday? National Soup Day?” OK, so he gets one more try. “Today is the last day of filming Season 13 [of NCIS: Los Angeles].”