‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans React To Hilarious ‘Densi’ Meme

by Shelby Scott

If there’s one thing we love about NCIS fans, it’s their sense of humor. Most of the time, the CBS drama NCIS: Los Angeles features a multitude of dark, complex, and melancholy storylines. However, once in a while, you have to lighten the mood and with NCIS fans anxiously awaiting news regarding further production for NCIS: Los Angeles 14th season, fans have taken to Twitter to react to the show’s hilarious “Densi” meme.

On Monday afternoon, NCIS: Los Angeles‘s official Twitter shared the above photo featuring Kensi and Deeks looking at what appears to be a bloodied piece of paper with equally befuddled expressions. The caption, which reads, “Meme this photo from #NCISLA in the comments below,” promises that the best answers will feature on CBS’s Instagram.

NCIS: Los Angeles fans sure delivered upon request.

One good-natured fan responded, “Me checking my bank account trying to figure out where my money went knowing damn well that I spent it on unnecessary things.”

The same NCIS: Los Angeles fan then called out the show, writing, “Me looking at the calendar and counting down the days until the premiere of season 14 of NCISLA.”

A third fan joked, “That moment when you think you may need glasses.”

With the post having gone live early Monday afternoon, it will be interesting to see what other creative responses NCIS: Los Angeles fans come up with.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Cast Returns to Set for Filming

We still have quite a few weeks to go before NCIS: Los Angeles returns to air its 14th season, however, we did recently receive some good news from the show’s crew. Taking to Twitter, the drama’s production manager, Rick Tunell, confirmed a little over a week ago that our favorite NCIS stars have returned to film for the upcoming season.

Tunell’s announcement marked even more good news for fans of the entire NCIS universe because it also meant the cast of the franchise’s flagship show, NCIS, had also returned to begin filming. That said, NCIS: Los Angeles doesn’t return to TV until the first week of October while the original series is set to premiere its milestone 20th season on Monday, September 19th.

So what can we expect from the hit series’ 14th season? Well, while we look forward to seeing more of Kensi and Deeks, Callen and his now-fiancé Anna, not to mention the always kick-ass Sam Hanna, NCIS: Los Angeles fans are even more excited for the long-awaited return of Linda Hunt’s character Hetty Lange.

Hetty has made few appearances across the last few seasons, however, following this year’s finale, showrunners have promised that Linda Hunt will return to fulfill her role on a more regular basis. Above all else, they teased fans that a lot of the character’s storyline throughout season 14 will have to deal with her relationship with Special Agent G Callen.

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