‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Recall Their Favorite G Callen Moments In Celebration of Actor Chris O’Donnell’s Birthday

by Shelby Scott

NCIS: Los Angeles star Chris O’Donnell celebrated his birthday Sunday, with the show wishing him a very special day. In honor of the actor’s birthday, NCIS fans took to the comments sharing their favorite G Callen moments. See what they had to say below.

Replying to the post celebrating “the one, the only, Chris O’Donnell,” one fan listed a handful of G Callen moments.

“Favorite actor playing my favorite character, G Callen!” they exclaimed. They then said the best moments were “when he first saw film of his family, and when he found out his name. Favorite ongoing moments are the banter scenes w/Sam, and scenes with just Callen and Hetty.”

Other NCIS: Los Angeles fans reflected on much more recent moments, specifically during the season 13 finale.

“So many to name. Do you have a couple days?” one fan quipped. “The most recent best moment was definitely this,” referring to Callen’s proposal to longtime girlfriend, Anna Kolchek. “The proposal was so beautiful,” they concluded.

Plenty of other NCIS: Los Angeles fans chimed in. Many deemed the proposal scene one of Callen’s best while others claim any moment featuring Callen and Sam is by far the most lovable.

What to Expect From Hetty Lange When ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Returns:

G Callen’s proposal to Anna Kolcheck during NCIS: Los Angeles‘s season 13 finale was definitely one of the most memorable moments of the year. Fans were ecstatic to see Callen’s storyline take such a positive turn following his run-in with Katya, a Russian spy. However, ahead of season 14’s premiere, fans are dying to know what his storyline with Hetty Lange will be. Fortunately, as anxiously await the series’ October return.

After more than a full year without regular appearances from Hetty Lange actress Linda Hunt, NCIS: Los Angeles fans were overjoyed to learn the longtime star will return more regularly this fall. Even more exciting, however, showrunner and executive producer R. Scott Gemmill revealed just what we can expect from the character’s storyline this fall. He also dove a little bit into her relationship with Callen.

“We started to see the beginning of the friction between the two of them,” during season 13 Gemmill explained during a sit-down with TV Insider. But, as we saw, Hetty left abruptly, with the showrunner claiming, “I think she also probably went back early so that she didn’t have to deal with Callen because it’s not gonna be a pretty conversation.”

The NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner further revealed that fans will soon learn why she navigated her relationship with Callen the way that she did, as well as the more interesting details regarding her secret mission in Syria.

Altogether, season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles is shaping up to be an exciting, suspenseful one.