‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: First-Look Photo Teases Wedding Bells for G Callen in Season Finale

by Shelby Scott

G Callen has been immersed in trouble throughout much of “NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 13. Things trickled downhill following the disappearance of Special Operations Manager and Callen’s mother figure Hetty Lange. Then, with Hetty gone, G Callen had to unravel the mysteries of his past, and his childhood specifically, by himself. However, most recently, the character was tortured by the series’ recurring guest star, Sasha Clements, the Russian spy named Katya.

Despite all the danger and secrecy throughout this season of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” G Callen nevertheless has his heart set on marrying his longtime girlfriend Anna Kolchek, played by Bar Paly.

For “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans looking to get a glimpse at the first-look photos, you can do so here. Meanwhile, the above photo, a screengrab from the upcoming finale, promises we can definitely expect to see a focus on Callen and his relationship. The episode synopsis teases the NCIS special agent will be taking a big step forward with Anna.

Photo Credit: CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Highest quality screengrab available.

At the forefront, the finale, “Come Together,” promises the team will hunt down a heavily armed crew of casino robbers. However, photos prove Callen will not let his job get in the way of his plans with his partner. And, even more exciting, we can only assume she says “yes.” The photos show Callen and Anna boasting huge smiles, grinning and laughing as they hold hands on the beach.

In addition, Entertainment Weekly hinted that we can expect exciting news during the finale for “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans’ favorite dynamic duo, Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye. The outlet states they too will move forward, with new news regarding their adoption process.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Character G Callen and Anna Kolchek Share a Long History

Many seasons of “NCIS: Los Angeles” have passed since G Callen first met his soon-to-be fiancé, Anna Kolchek. And with wedding bells in the air for the longtime couple, we thought we’d review the timeline of the duo’s relationship and all the hardships they’ve endured to get to this point.

As per the outlet, Callen and Kolcheck first met way back in season six. It was then the NCIS special agent rescued her from a kidnapping. Later, in season seven, Callen and Anna posed as a couple on an undercover mission. They met again two seasons later during an ATF investigation. Unfortunately, though, the investigation saw the latter arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison.

Fortunately for “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans, the characters’ love can penetrate all bars; Anna later escaped from prison to save her love interest’s father. From there, she went to Cuba to avoid going back to an American prison.

While the couple’s relationship has grown immensely across many seasons, Anna’s actually been absent, for the most part, throughout season 13. But, with Callen overcoming so many hardships, it’ll definitely be exciting to see him join back up with his longtime partner.