‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Producer Shares Upcoming Storylines for Season 14

by Caitlin Berard

Season 13 of the long-running police procedural NCIS: Los Angeles just came to a close earlier this week, but the cast and crew already have Season 14 on their minds. Unsurprisingly, fans are highly interested in the coming stories as well. Because while Season 13 did end with Callen and Anna’s engagement, it also left quite a few questions unanswered.

Luckily for NCIS: Los Angeles enthusiasts, executive producer R. Scott Gemmill was willing to answer some of those questions in an interview with TV Insider rather than make fans wait for the new batch of episodes. He was, of course, careful not to reveal too many details. The hints he did give, however, made the wait for Season 14 that much harder.

In terms of the building friction between Callen and Hetty, Gemmill explained that the drama will continue in Season 14. “That certainly has to play out,” he said, adding that she went back to Syria early to prolong the inevitable.

“It’s not gonna be a pretty conversation,” the EP revealed. “In the end, we will understand why she did it and that there were some other circumstances involved that save Hetty from being a bad guy, but it’s still a bit of a sore subject for Callen and something he’s gonna have to learn to live with.”

Though Hetty returned to Syria to escape an uncomfortable situation, she put herself in a dangerous situation by doing so. “So part of the next season will be our guys finding out where she is, what happened, and probably having to go in and pull her out of the fire,” Gemmill said.

Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles will also feature a continuation of Kensi and Deeks’ new roles as parents. “They have a lot more to lose,” Gemmill explained. “It’s always easier when it’s just you one on one.”

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ EP Assures Fans of Kilbride’s Presence in Season 14

In long-running series, especially police procedurals, it’s not uncommon to see characters come and go over time. Thankfully, however, fans can expect to see Gerald McRaney reprise his role as Kilbride in Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles.

When asked if Kilbride would still be in charge next season, Gemmill replied, “Absolutely. I fought so hard for so long to get Gerald on the show that I’m not gonna get rid of him anytime soon. I had him on the show years ago and really wanted to bring him in. And I think I just finally wore them down after years and years, and they let me have him come on as a regular.”

“I love working with Gerald,” he continued. “We all do. And he’s such a pro, he’s such a gentleman. He raises everybody’s game, he’s up for anything. He can do it all. And he’s sort of a grand gentleman of television. So I appreciate that.”