‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 13 Finale Airs Tonight: How, When to Watch

by Shelby Scott

Various TV networks have begun to wrap up some of their most popular series and shows of the fall-spring season. CBS in particular kicked off its string of finales with shows like “Blue Bloods” which concluded on Friday, May 6th.

Today, CBS, as well as some of its rival networks, will wrap up a handful of their other popular shows. Several include “S.W.A.T.” “American Idol,” and, one of our favorites, “NCIS: Los Angeles.” With the “NCIS” series’ most popular characters making major steps in their relationships, not to mention a thrilling final case, we have all the need-to-know information for tonight’s “NCIS: Los Angeles” finale.

As usual, TVLine‘s lineup reports the finale will air during its usual timeslot at 9 p.m EST on CBS. According to the episode synopsis, “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans will watch as “Kensi and Deeks get news regarding the adoption [and] Callen takes a big step in his relationship with Anna.”

Fortunately, if you haven’t already heard, “NCIS: Los Angeles,” not to mention the entirety of the franchise, has officially been renewed for an all-new season. That’s despite fans’ fear the flagship series would come to an end following the departure of show patriarch, Mark Harmon.

The ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Team Enacts a Daring Save During Sunday Night’s Finale

What else might we expect from the rest of the “NCIS: Los Angeles” finale?

Well, we know we’ll get some (hopefully) good news about Kensi and Deeks’s adoption process. And a super exciting development in Callen’s relationship. Overall, things seem as though they will end well—new photos show the episode concluding with a beach party. That said, while we’re definitely all in on these romantic pairings, we’re also here for the action.

When the final episode, titled “Come Together,” airs later tonight, the official preview reveals, “The NCIS team hunts for a crew that robs a Los Angeles casino with military-grade power.”

However, that’s just the beginning. As per the series’ showrunner R. Scott Gemmill, Kensi and Deeks will face “dire straits.”

Apparently, so dire that the entire office comes together to save the pair. Gemmill revealed even Kilbride, who is currently standing in for Special Operations Manager Hetty Lange, will join the action.

In concluding his discussion, the “NCIS: Los Angeles” showrunner said the finale will be “uplifting.”

Does Hetty Lange Return for Sunday’s Final Episode?

We’ve spent much of season 13 of “NCIS: Los Angeles” exploring Kensi and Deeks’ efforts to become parents and following Callen’s search to uncover the truth of his past. However, as we prepare to wrap up the season’s finale episode, fans are all wondering about the same thing: Will Hetty return to LA?

Sadly, no, actress Linda Hunt’s beloved character will not make an appearance. The last time we saw Special Ops Manager Hetty Lange was during the season 13 premiere, before quickly making her way back to Syria for a secret mission.

Linda Hunt has been largely absent from the set of “NCIS: Los Angles” since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now at 77 years old, series representatives have emphasized that they’re doing all they can to keep the Hetty actress safe and healthy.

Fortunately though, when the “NCIS” franchise got renewed for another season, showrunners revealed Hetty would officially be making her return.