NCIS: Los Angeles: Season 13 Finale: Everything That Happened in ‘Come Together’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Admit it. You wiped back a few happy tears after watching NCIS: Los Angeles. The season 13 finale left everyone with a happy glow, like the warm California sunset. Coincidentally, that’s how the episode ended.

So let’s recap, shall we? Beach chairs and sunscreen are optional.

First, it’s not an NCIS: Los Angeles episode unless there’s a complicated crime. And in “Come Together,” the crime involved a casino robbery. Now, an entire movies have been devoted to such robberies. But how many robbers use a drone-operated UTV with a grenade launcher and a machine gun strapped to the back of it.

Thanks to the contacts from Sam and Kilbride, the team was able to find the robbers pretty quickly. Sam (LL Cool J) leaned on a guy he knew back when he went undercover as Switch. Kilbride had Kensi and Deeks talk to a powerful arms dealer who owed him a favor. She now owns a bakery and teaches couples how to decorate cakes.

Here’s a Heart-warming NCIS: Los Angeles Development

Now, for the happy developments of NCIS: Los Angeles. Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) are going to be parents! Kensi picked Deeks up at the airport when the two got the call from social services. They’re approved to foster Rosa, the teenager Kensi helped rescue in a January episode. She was working undercover when the two met. Rosa’s mother died and the couple didn’t want Rosa deported to Guatemala. So congrats, you’re parents. But, the social worker had no new information on Pilar, who Deeks and Kensi also wanted to adopt. That’ll be a season 14 plot point.

(Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022)

And to give you an extra reason to brush back tears of happiness for Kensi and Deeks, Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) threw them a surprise beach party to celebrate Rosa. He even set up R-O-S-A balloons. Given that Kilbride growled at Deeks earlier in the episode, it definitely was a surprise.

Kilbride, Anna’s dad Arkady and Sam’s father, Raymond, broke bread and drank adult beverages together. Over at another table, Callen and Sam toasted to a really “crazy few months.”

“Kensi and Deeks are parents and you’re living with your dad,” Callen observes. Then Sam needed to give his partner some friendly advice about Anna. “She’s always been good for you,” Sam tells Callen.

Sam knew that Callen might be hesitating to take his relationship with Anna to a more permanent level. Because he knew that earlier in the day, Anna basically proposed.

CBS ©2022 CBS

So how did Anna propose? In the best, spy kind of way. She informed Callen: “I want to be normal, I want to go to work, to home, to dinner … I want to be normal with you.”

At this moment, Arkady knocked on the door, bringing libations to salute the relationship. He initially didn’t approve of the marriage. But now he’s cool with it.

So at the end of Kilbride’s beach party for Rosa, as the sun set over the beach, here’s how Callen brought happiness into his life. He first gave Anna a sweater, then he started his proposal.

“In every aspect of my life I didn’t know who I was until I met you,” Callen says. “I don’t know that I can give you the normal life you’re looking for. … I’m broken as far back as I can remember … and I want to give you what you want, but I need you to know …”

Anna interrupts Callen. “First of all, it’s not some kind of a big secret you’re broken … that’s why we fit. Other people may not understand our normal. It just matters to us.”

Then Callen drops to a knee and brings out a ring. “Will you marry me?” he asks. Anna says of course she will. The couple probably didn’t know that everyone else was watching the proposal. They started clapping and cheering. They all hug.

Sam makes the perfect NCIS: Los Angeles toast: “May you dodge all the bullets, have a super successful life and a beautiful family.”

And for all you NCIS: Los Angeles fans, happy summer.